Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hillary’s Least Favorite Game Show – To Tell the Truth

By Sara Noble

An FBI agent who spoke with The Daily Mail and has had a 20-year career in federal law enforcement and serves in a supervisory capacity in a domestic FBI field office. He said that Hillary not telling Obama about her personal server would be enough to put her in jail for ten years based on The Federal Espionage Act under which she is being investigated.

Barack Obama was clear on 60 Minutes Sunday. When asked if he knew about the server, he said, "no".

A New York Times article suggests that Barack Obama's comments claiming her handling of emails did not violate national security has infuriated FBI agents. Obama is steering the FBI.

When it suits Obama, he won't comment on ongoing investigations.

It's hard to believe the FBI will do their job in this but Jim Comey, the Director, does have a ten year contract.

Bernie Sanders famously gave Hillary Clinton the official pass on the email scandal during last Tuesday's debate. It was also a "dog whistle" to the press.

During an interview on The Lead, Jake Tapper brought up Sanders' comment and the fact that others, including the FBI, are interested in her emails. She simply cackled at him. The cackling is a ploy.

He asked if she ever thought about what she was doing and that she might be compromising national security. She never answered the question but did tell several lies.

Nothing was marked classified, she said.

The Inspector General said it's assumed classified when it goes out (of course) and Tapper mentioned that. She said that was a difference of opinion between the IG and the State Department.

Who in their right mind would think emails from intelligence agencies aren't classified when they leave the computer? But that's an impossible standard she claims. She then said it was allowed under the rules of the State Department.

It's not allowed.

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She said one of her predecessors did it. She's referring to Colin Powell who had a personal email account in addition to his State Department account. It's not the same thing.

Tapper asked if it never occurred to her that the emails going back-and-forth to Blumenthal were a problem and she had the gall to say he doesn't have security clearance and suggested they were just casual emails. She then fell back on "it's too complicated for people to understand."

She actually then explained how she's very aware of the need to protect national security.

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Anonymous said...

Obama is a damned liar. For Obama, lying is a normal body function- like breathing.