Monday, October 12, 2015

UGH! UGH! GOODBYE COLUMBUS, Hello Leftist Indigenous Peoples’

By Sara Noble

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day all you comrades out there!

CBS NEWS announced that more cities are “recognizing Native Americans on Columbus Day” to celebrate the contributions of indigenous cultures. This is part of the leftist populist movement to recognize Native Americans and fake indigenous peoples', and to change our culture.

The movement is meant to take us out of traditional America and into the hand-wringing world of the dreary left. The Italians and America's European ancestors are forgotten in all this.

 Nine cities – nine leftist cities – recognize Indigenous Peoples Day and hope to “nudge” us into the moaning, groaning world of the dreary left. Albuquerque, Portland, Oregon, St. Paul, Minnesota, and Olympia, Washington, Minneapolis, Seattle and others now recognize the day.

 CBS tried to say it was driven by Native Americans but it’s driven by leftists, some of whom are Native Americans.

 The celebrants say it is the start of something "greater" and that it is. If it were only to honor Native Americans, who could object? We do honor them and the sacrifices they've made and the tribulations they were made to suffer.


 Columbus Day honors the Europeans who came here and struggled quietly to build a new and great country. Indigenous Peoples' Day rejects what is good about our past and our history.

 A student group at the University of New Mexico wanted to celebrate Indigenous ‘Peoples’ Resistance and Resilience Day’ last year,  which was driven by leftist professors. The title clearly shows what they are trying to do. Leftist Hispanics are also trying to say they too are indigenous people which is nonsense. Indigenous Hispanics are already here, living in the border states.


 It's getting so ridiculous that even Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is trying to say Muslims discovered America. Once we lose our identity, anything goes!

 Holidays, especially Columbus Day, are important in preserving what we view as important in history and they play a role in creating and perpetuating events and ideas. They preserve history. They give us a sense of who we are as a nation. Having a “sense” of history is part of what constitutes history. We have leftists who are doing their best to rewrite it.

Their demonization of holidays is an important first step in the process. If they get to abolish Columbus Day, more holidays will follow.

They’ve already transformed Washington’s birthday into the anonymous President’s Day; they’ve added labor day – reminiscent of the Marxist International Workers’ day; and they are striving to have a national holiday in honor of a Marxist union leader – Cesar Chavez – whose accomplishments are sketchy at best.

 July 4th is the one truly patriotic day and it’s on the hit list. Leftist history teacher and America-hater, Bill Bigelow of the Zinn Education Project, wants fireworks stopped on July 4th, which is actually Independence Day, because we are all supposedly too war-weary.

 He would also have us believe that George Washington was a war criminal and Thomas Jefferson plagiarized the Declaration of Independence.

 Leftists hate Independence Day as much as they hate the Founding Fathers who were just rich white men to them. The Founding Fathers didn’t accomplish anything according to their creed, the Founding Fathers exploited the collective.

 It isn’t just holidays the leftists are after. They don’t like anything patriotic, including The Star Spangled Banner.

 Two words for buyers of this fake holiday - buyer beware!


Northerner said...

There are no indigent Americans. The Amerindian has Chinese DNA. They came from Asia about ten thousand years ago.

carlito said...

Should change it to Amerigo Vespucci Day. North and South America are named after him, he was the first man to demonstrate that the Americas were a separate land mass and not part of Asia, he was of Italian heritage, and I don't think that he oppressed any indigenous peoples - so everyone is satisfied!

GhostRider said...

Apparently, no mention by the brain dead drones that those 'indigenous people' were warring tribes in constant conflict over territory and resources. Pretty much what Columbus stepped into