Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: These Illegal Immigrant Crime Statistics Should Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You

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These Illegal Alien Crime Stats Should Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You: Hannity
Illegal Alien Drunk Driving Killer Back in U.S. Four Days After Deportation: Mark Tapson
Families of Victims Murdered By Illegalss To House GOP: 'No Paul Ryan': Julia Hahn

White House Denounces FBI for Doubting the Narrative: Steve Sailer
Obama Blatanty Lies About Violence As He Proposes More Gun Laws: Bob Owens
3 Ways Conservatives Can Stop the Coming GOP Sellout Theater: Brian Darling

A Closetful of Hillary Clinton’s Immigration Costumes: Michelle Malkin
No, Hillary Didn’t Care About Chris Stevens: Ben Shapiro
Sorry, Hillary Clinton. VA Corruption Widespread: Betsy McCaughey

Trump No Longer Dominating Polls: Patterico
Bush team 'cringes' as Jeb talks like a loser: Byron York
What's behind Trump's collapsing Iowa poll numbers?: Daniel Allott


The Fed’s Counterfeit Prosperity: Dan Bongino
Inside the Secretive Circle That Rules a $14 Trillion Market: Nabila Ahmed
Insurance premium increase of 85 percent a stunner: Fellowship of the Minds

The Cost of Stupid: The Z Man
Latest Obamacare Fiasco: Most Low-Income Workers Can't Afford "Affordable Care Act": ZH
Meet The "Million Dollar Shack": Documentary Lays Bare California's Housing Bubble: ZH

Scandal Central

House GOP Introduces Measure to Impeach IRS Head Koskinen: Jon Gabriel
How Do You Spell Apparent Fraud? The Clinton Foundation, Shady Accounting and AIDS: Ken Silverstein
How the FBI Could Derail Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Run: Liz Peek

How the FBI Could Derail Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Run: Daniel Greenfield
Benghazi Committee Narrows In On This High-Ranking State Department Official: Chuck Ross
Obama Cronies "Protected Wall Street's Most Criminal From Prosecution": Mac Slavo

Climate & Energy

Climate: Throwing Uncertainty for a Loop?: Steven Hayward
Business, states open legal fire on EPA’s Clean Power Plan rule: George Russell
White House report shows high cost of EPA rules: John Siciliano


This May Be The Most Biased ‘Poll’ On Gun Control You’ll Ever See: Rusty Weiss
Watch for Shenanigans! CNBC Debate Moderator’s Most Biased Moments: Geoffrey Dickens
What’s Happening At Ole Miss Is An Absolute Catastrophe: HayRide

FBI Chief in Trouble w/White House for Talking About Ferguson Effect: Daniel Greenfield
Saudi-Born Singer Defends U.S. Constitution & Laws on Arab Television: Trey Sanchez
Carson Now Leads Fading Trump Nationally in NYT/CBS Poll: JWF


Naval Aviation Command Board — Worse than we Thought: WeaponsMan
Don’t Make the Muslims Angry: Daniel Greenfield
The Watchman Show: Terror Wave Against Israel: Erick Stakelbeck

Obama Intends To Bring European Chaos to America: Elephant
The Immigration Crisis Exploited To Force Europe To Embrace Its Destruction: Christopher J. Green
John Bolton: Germany’s Syrian Refugee Pledge Puts U.S. at Risk: Nicholas Ballasy

80% of London Muslims Support ISIS: Daniel Greenfield
10 Things to Know About the Latest Wave of Palestinian Terror: Yishai Fleisher
After Months of Waiting, US Finally Begins Patrols Near China's Man-Made Islands: Ankit Panda

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

First drive: the new Honda NSX, Japan’s 573bhp hybrid supercar: Paul Horrell
Meet the RX Vision, Mazda’s gorgeous rotary-engined sportscar: Jack Rix
Secrets under the Al-Aqsa Mosque: A Photographic Essay: Lenny Ben-David


Jeb’s donors are not excited about his campaign anymore: Ann Telnaes
Meet The "Million Dollar Shack": Documentary Lays Bare California's Housing Bubble: MOTUS
What Fox News All-RINO panel will say after 3rd GOP debate: MFP

Image: House GOP Introduces Measure to Impeach IRS Head Koskinen
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QOTD: "The Clinton Foundation has until November 16 to amend more than ten years’ worth of state, federal and foreign filings, but it’s going to be virtually impossible to do so without acknowledging that it has engaged in massive accounting fraud since its inception...

...[Financial whistleblower Charles Ortel, who helped expose massive financial fraud by GE, GM and AIG,] is hardly alone in raising questions about the Clinton Foundation’s accounting practices. Earlier this year, the watchdog group Charity Navigator put the Clinton Foundation on its “watch list” of dubious non-profit groups and politely described its business practices as “atypical.” A New York Post story about the development noted that in 2013 the family’s foundation “took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges in…but spent just $9 million on direct aid.”

...The problem, Ortel says, is that filing correct returns is impossible for the Clinton Foundation without admitting to criminal felonies. “The foundation has never filed a legitimate, independently certified and complete audit of their financial statements since it was founded, as is required under state, federal and foreign law” he told me during one of multiple phone conversations. 'The IRS has let them get away with serious fraud.'" --Ken Silverstein

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Anonymous said...

Good article by Greenfield. Americans are seeing this from afar but when we see it up close it is truly repugnant and un-American. The muslim who got bent out of shape at the sub shop because bacon was in his sandwich, segregation in the local mosques, or the dude who almost came over a table at me because I glanced at his fully robed wife. Americans have been counseled for years concerning pc behavior yet these get a pass because we don't want to offend. Glad Daniel said it.