Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Revealed: Speaker Ryan and the Depth of Amnesty Immigration Trickery by GOPe

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Speaker Ryan and the Depth of Amnesty Trickery by the GOPe: Treehouse
Hillary’s mendacity: LI
Hillary to protect illegals she was ‘adamantly against’ a dozen years ago: Doug Powers

Donald Trump’s First Real Crisis on the Campaign Trail: Erick Erickson
Donald Trump: Damn, Those Benghazi Hearings Sure Were Partisan: Ace
Dubya’s Anti-Endorsement of Cruz Couldn’t Have Come At a Better Time: Steve Deace

Donald Trump Goes Full Democrat: Noah Rothman
Donald Trump Responds To 'Defeated' Jeb Bush As Only He Can: Hannity
The Purity-for-Profit GOP Leading a Reign of Error: Jon Gabriel

Mark Levin Explains Why “Conservatives” Don’t Trust The GOPe: Treehouse
Poll: 85 percent of voters think the U.S. is on wrong track: Gabby Morrongiello
The War On The Kulaks: Camp o' the Saints

Donald Trump Delenda Est: Leon H. Wolf
Marco Rubio “Hates” the Senate: Patterico
Carly Fiorina Fades, As Ted Cruz Climbs In The Chase: David Catanese


Congress Working On Hiking Spending And Lifting Debt Ceiling Before Ryan Takes Over: Ace
Kasich's Ohio Obamacare expansion keeps getting bigger: Jason Hart
Illegals Cost North Carolina Taxpayers $2 Billion a Year: Dave Jolly

Scandal Central

Hillary Told Benghazi Victim's Grieving Sister to Feel Sad for Libyans: Trey Sanchez
'She's Absolutely Lying!' Mother Of Benghazi Victim Unloads On Hillary: Hannity
‘Make Sure That the Person Who Made That Film Is Arrested and Prosecuted.’: Jim Geraghty

The Big Takeaway From the Benghazi Hearing: Amanda Carpenter
How Clinton evaded questions on Benghazi stonewall: Byron York
Hillary 2.0: Thomas Sowell

Climate & Energy

Are Dead Fish Worth More Than Struggling Farmers?: Dustin Howard
Environmental Activist Visits North Dakota, Makes Things Up: Rob Port
Did We Really Save the Ozone Layer?: Steve Goreham


Clinton Lies and the Press Yawns: Peter Wehner
Who’s More Shameful, Hillary or Her Media Protectors?: David Limbaugh
Anthropologists in Their Native Habitat: On Facebook, Holding Signs: Steve Sailer

'Bull****!' Rudy Giuliani Reveals Tense Run-In With Benghazi Spin-Master Susan Rice: Hannity
Newspaper headline actually BLAMES GUNS for tragic OSU drunk driver crash that killed four: Scoop
REPORT: 99.51% of top liberal arts prof. contributions go to Dems: James Mietus

Clinton Paying a Price Now for Her 2012 Lies About Benghazi: Michael Barone
The 20 Best Quotes From Ted Cruz: John Hawkins
Chris Christie Kicked Off Amtrak Train After Rants: Shark Tank


The One Benefit of Accepting Muslim Migrants: Raymond Ibrahim
FBI: Virtually No Database Exists for Syrians Entering US: Clarion
Notify Minnesota Governor Dayton: Heartland Economy Sinking, Needs More Somalis Stat: Steve Sailer

Undersea Cables: How Russia Targets the West’s Soft Underbelly: Franz-Stefan Gady
Russia Probes Undersea Cables: Walter Russell Mead
Gaza soccer commentary peppered with praise for terror attacks: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why Will FanDuel and DraftKings Stick Around? Because Money.: Kurt Wagner
If You're Worried About Robots Taking Your Job, Maybe You're An Idiot: Justin O'Connell
2017 Acura NSX First Drive Preview: Chris Davies


Hillary Celebrates A Little Birthday Spin: Deanna Fisher
Hillary's amnesia anti-awareness campaign: Cube
IRS purchased fake cell towers to spy on Americans’ mobile devices: Poor Richard

Image: Sean Smith’s mom schools hag Andrea Mitchell on Benghazi
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ConstitutionMan: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "Conservatives who supported an effort to oust Speaker John A. Boehner pointed to a budget deal emerging Monday as a prime example of why the House needs new leadership.

...Members said they were not provided enough details Monday evening to judge the substance of the deal but complained about the process by which it came together and the way it could advance quickly in a matter of days, just before Boehner’s departure.

Despite the consternation, there appeared to be a pathway with a combination of Democratic votes and national security hawks in both chambers.

...In announcing the deal during the closed-door meeting, Boehner effectively “threw the committee chairmen under the bus,” Fleming said." --Lindsey McPherson


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