Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Political Hit Job: Bush Staffer Planted in Audience to Ambush Trump [Video]

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Well, that was naughty... somebody got caught putting a plant in an audience to trap Donald Trump and his name is Jeb Bush. The Joyful Tortoise is lowering himself to political subversion now. Who knew? Just about everyone, I bet. Yesterday at the "No Labels" event put on by Jon Huntsman, Trump spoke to a semi-hostile crowd. I don't even know why Trump bothered going there. This is a group of 'moderate' Republicans. Let me translate - they are liberals pretending to be Republicans. They are progressives on the right. This is right in line with what I would expect them to pull. A female in the audience started grilling Trump on his political stances. That woman was Lauren Batchelder, who is a paid operative of the GOP and a staff member of Jeb Bush's campaign. Busted! She was so obviously a plant - Drudge picked up this story this morning and has been running with it all day long.

From The Conservative Treehouse:
During an appearance at a Jon Huntsman “No Labels” event, a female audience member named Lauren Batchelder played the role of a female antagonist toward candidate Donald Trump.

However, Ms. Batchelder is not just an average audience member.  She’s a paid political operative of the GOP and a paid staff member of Team Jeb Bush:

Within minutes of her scripted performance at the event, the producers of CNN were quickly editing soundbites and framing a narrative. That story was pushed into the media stream within hours. CNN’s Jeanne Moos was the delivery vehicle for the a hit piece.

Here’s the CNN narrative as presented yesterday:

However, as previously noted, it didn’t take long to discover that Lauren Batchelder was not just an ordinary audience member, she is actually a current staffer for Senator Kelly Ayotte and also working in New Hampshire on behalf of the Jeb Bush 2016 campaign.

Batchelder’s LinkedIn profile shows she is a Jeb Bush For President 2016 staffer.

Given Senator Ayotte’s position being pro-life, and contrasted against the framework of Ms. Batchelder’s line of questioning being completely opposite of the boss(es) she is working for, it doesn’t take long to figure out this was a planted Establishment GOPe hit job targeting Donald Trump:


Of course, Ms Batchelder quickly began scrubbing her social media history trying to hide who she works for.  Almost all of her Twitter history is now deleted, but not before much of it was able to be captured.  Several other profiles remain available:

[LinkedIn Profile HERE] [Twitter HERE] [Instagram HERE] [ FaceBook HERE]


This is an embarrassing fail on behalf of the establishment GOP and in particular Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

This current fail also exemplifies how the broadcast media, specifically CNN, is willing to assist the republican cause when there is a mutual benefit to the elimination of an enemy.

However, it is also further evidence of the entire construct of the Jeb Bush alliance.  There are eight candidates remaining in the race specifically to assist Jeb Bush and help him win the nomination.  They are:

  • Jeb Bush
  • Marco Rubio (FL)
  • Carly Fiorina (VA)
  • Chris Christie (NJ)
  • John Kasich (OH)
  • Lindsey Graham (SC)
  • Mike Huckabee (AR)
  • George Pataki (NY)
  • Jim Gilmore (VA)

A vote for any of these fraud candidates will only result in a later endorsement of Jeb Bush and the transference of delegates to assist his nomination efforts.   This was/is the original design of the road map created to help Jeb win in 2016.  [ Much More Here ]

The 2016 plan is similar in many ways to how Mitt Romney was able to win the nomination in 2012.  If you remove Donald Trump – Ben Carson becomes Herman Cain, Ted Cruz becomes Newt Gingrich and Jeb Bush replaces Mitt Romney.
This woman is a troll and I wonder how many others are doing the same thing not only to Trump, but to other candidates. She tried to erase her social history off the web, but it was too late. The Conservative Treehouse got all her history and info. and alas, she has been outed for the fraud she and Jeb both are. I agree with the above article that Marco Rubio is basically an arm of the Bush campaign. This shows just how low Bush will stoop because he fears Trump. His true face is beginning to show and it is not pretty. By the way, it's ridiculous to say Trump is not a friend to women. Quite the opposite - he has many high-level female executives and was doing it long before it was popular. This whole war on women meme is a liberal tactic and a bunch of bull crap. Of course Bush will deny she's a plant - he'll say she was there of her own accord. But does anyone believe that? If you do, I have some really great property for you in the Bayou. Fail. You expect this from the left, but your own party? That's dirty politics in the extreme.


Anonymous said...

The desperation is palpable. Also, this Lauren "tool" is actually a current staffer for Senator Kelly Ayotte and also working in New Hampshire on behalf of the Jeb Bush 2016 campaign. This has Rove, McConnell and Priebus "stink" all over it.

GOD, how I hate the GOPe traitors.

Reaganite Independent said...

You could tell she was acting- or over-acting, to be more precise
It struck me immediately

Matthew W said...

Reason # 276524 to tell the GOP establishment to "GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!"
They only do this to conservatives, not liberals. Kinda strange.
In case I didn't mention it, "Hey GOPe, GO FUCK YOURSELF !!!!"

Steve D said...

Huh? They just did it to Trump. He's much more liberal than the establishment.