Monday, October 12, 2015

It's Never Too Early To Yammer About Climate Change And Halloween

By William Teach

Never let a good holiday go to waste, that's the Warmist motto. That and "It's only hypocricy when Someone Else does it"

Fossil fuels are scary! Wear a plastic costume and take some fossil fueled travel to hang out while taking pictures with your plastic smartphone that was shipped from China on fossil fueled ships! Then there's this

The Halloween season is in full swing. Haven't you seen it yet? All the bags of candy blanketing the store shelves, the overly ambitious jack-o-lantern plans your friends keep talking about, the ever-increasing tide of needlessly "sexy" costumes — it's all coming together. But what if you're socially conscious, environmentally aware, and you want to get in on the act? Never fear, because here are 8 climate change Halloween costume ideas to help you look your best, while hopefully sending a worthwhile message, too.
They're serious. These are actual costumes. Because they just can't help ruining everything. It's what they do. And, dagnabit, they'll take fossil fueled trips to make sure you know it, along with all the world boiling plastics and stuff to manufacture the costumes. Crossed at Pirate's Cove. Follow me on Twitter @WilliamTeach.


Anonymous said...

It's important to note that Park Slope Brooklyn's politics make Berkley, CA look like Dallas, TX

Weco said...

Excellent thanks for sharing!