Friday, October 23, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary’s Libyan Lies From the Muslim Brotherhood to Clinton Foundation Payoffs

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Hillary Clinton's Trail of Lies

Hillary’s Libyan Lies: Muslim Brotherhood, Terror and Dirty Money: Daniel Greenfield
Hillary Health Scare: Clinton Coughing Fit at Benghazi Hearing: Daniel Halper
Clinton's E-mail Cover Is So Full of Holes, Even the NYT Noticed: Trey Sanchez

Hillary Clinton’s public vs. private Benghazi facts: Sharyl Attkisson
Hillary Told Family On Night Of Benghazi Attack That It Was A Terrorist Attack: WZ
8 major warnings before Benghazi terrorist attacks: Sharyl Attkisson

Hillary Clinton’s enabler-in-chief: Jonah Goldberg
Committee buried by last-minute document dump before Hillary's testimony: Malkin
Hillary Lied, People Died: Jay Caruso


Jeb Bush Is Toast: Lawrence Brinton
Conservatives United Get Huge Wins for the GOP: Erick Erickson
Democrats are More Bothered by the Second Amendment than Socialism: Leon H. Wolf

American Islamic organization slams Trump for mosque comments: Gabby Morrongiello
Massachusetts Poll – Donald Trump Laps Entire Field With 48%: Treehouse
Clock Boy And Family Leave For Qatar: Bon Voyage…Don’t Hurry Back!: A.W. Morgan


Federal Government Bribes Employers to Hire Foreigners Instead of Americans: MB
Barack Obama Vetos Defense Bill Because It Spends Too Little: Erick Erickson
Bradley University combats 'fatism' by promoting 'fat acceptance': Peter Hasson

Scandal Central

Clinton Library Funded By Offshore Tax Haven: Mike Flynn
Hacker obtains, leaks 11 undercover Planned Parenthood videos blocked by court: Ben Johnson
Hillary: I Didn't Know The Spymaster on My Payroll Was Giving Me Intel I Was Paying Him For: Ace


Obama: Don't Blame Me For the Soldier Who Died; That Was Someone Else's Call: Ace
Trump On Benghazi Hearings, 'Maybe Biden Did The Wrong Thing Getting Out Yesterday': LidBlog
Bevin's appearances on conservative talk radio give glimpses at talking points ahead: Kevin Wheatley


Good News: Iran’s Past Nuclear Work/Current Weaponization No Barrier To Iran Deal: William Teach
ISIS will 'Inevitably' Gain and Use Weapons of Mass Destruction: Clarion
Pockets of Sanity Emerge in Crazed Palestinian Attacks: IPT

The new East-West divide: multiculturalism vs sovereignty: Ed West
Pentagon: American killed in raid to free Iraqis held by IS: Daily Progress
Majority Say More Concealed Weapons Would Make U.S. Safer: Gallup

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Russia’s Winning the Electronic War: Paul McLeary
Doctors Agree: Obama’s Electronic Medical Records Mandate Sucks!: Michelle Malkin
BMW M5 Pure Metal Edition with 600 horsepower: Horatiu Boeriu


“I’m Worried Now, But I Won’t Be Worried Long.”: MOTUS
"The show will be monitored" Alfred Hitchcock's FBI file: MuckRock
The Highlight Of Hillary Clinton’s Testimony: LoneCon

Image: OH, MY: Jim Jordan Absolutely Blisters Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Lies
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QOTD: "[Hillary's] Libyan War, like the rest of the Arab Spring, was about empowering the Muslim Brotherhood.

And there were cruder motives in the mix.

Hillary Clinton hid emails discussing the exploitation of Libya’s oil fields. The Clintons had made an art out of merging their political and financial agendas. They had extensive ties with figures in the energy industry and the companies that dug into Libya’s energy sector, Royal Dutch Shell and BP, were Clinton Foundation donors...

...The entire nightmarish mess of Democratic conspiracy theories about Iraq, Blood for Oil, politicians fighting wars to win elections, corporate conflicts of interest and even private military companies are all here and no one will touch it. A roster of Democratic candidates still running against the Iraq War won’t talk about an illegal dirty regime change war that took place with their backing and support." --Daniel Greenfield


Anonymous said...

At BadBlue, Frontpage/Greenfield link (US spying on Israel). Is dead (page not found).

Does work though.

blah blah/ymmv/elmo

Anonymous said...

It was amusing to watch Hillary take to theatrical coughing after choking on the consonant "W". Rep. Cummings acted like he was on the Plantation as he made sure the Missus was alright. It was all very convenient and designed to curry sentiment for the Beast. Look carefully at the coughing, it was superficial, and in any other person would have never occurred. It was ginned up - just like the rest of her emotions for the down trodden, the poor, and less fortunate than she. Ask her about it in a year and she'll tell you, "I don't recall", but she will remember her favorite throat lozenge from "the inquisition".