Monday, October 12, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: A Liberal’s Ten Commandments

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A Liberal’s Ten Commandments: Victor Davis Hanson
7 Most Delusional Obama Statements During the 60 Minutes Interview: Sara Noble
Did Obama Toss Hillary Clinton Under The Bus On '60 Minutes'?: LidBlog

Email Dump Day of Debate Could Complicate Hillary's Game Plan: Fred Lucas
Clinton's email woes won't go away: Josh Gerstein
DNC Vice Chair Disinvited From Debate, Punished For Demanding More Debates: NYT

Non-Citizens Will Now Vote In At Least One State: Sara Noble
Democrat Party Missouri A.G. Suing To Stop EPA-Obama Carbon Rule: LidBlog
Oops: Turns out the Iran deal breaks the law: Post

CBS News: Ted Cruz in Third Place: Patterico
More Republicans join Speaker's race as Ryan campaign falls apart: Matthew Boyle
Okay, Let's Fight: Kevin D. Williamson


GOPe and Obama Connive to Increase Debt: Ted Abram
Trans-Pacific Partnership: How It Enters Into Force – WikiLeaks: MagNote
Study: Union collapses if workers allowed to leave it: Sean Higgins

Scandal Central

Incompetent or indifferent: Clinton burns CIA Libya contact: Exam
Throw the Book at Bowe Bergdahl: Leon H. Wolf
Huma Abedin Recruited State Department Official To Private Firm: Patrick Howley

Climate & Energy

Sane People Would Build More Reservoirs: Erick Erickson
Ho hum: another day, another toxic mine spill by the EPA: Jazz Shaw
Kerry: Import Foreigners by Granting Immigration Privileges to Bogus “Climate Refugees”: Dave Blount


Chelsea asked if Bill preys on young girls: Olaf Ekberg
Study: Democratic polarization exceeds Republican polarization, for what it’s worth.: Moe Lane
Philip Bump is a Hack. Clinton’s email was at risk.: Neil Stevens


Shock videos and photos found on phones left by Muslim migrants: Pamela Geller
“I am the Voice of the Sovereign Peoples of Europe”: GoV
What is Russia Doing in Syria? Protecting Its National Security: SputnikNews

Was Erdoğan Behind Ankara Bomb?: Michael Rubin
Knife In Hand, Gaza Imam Calls on Muslims to Stab Jews: Arutz Sheva
Classic ’90s-Era Onion: “Crazed Palestinian Gunman Angered By Stereotypes”: Patterico

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The big trends in synthetic biology you need to know: Dominic Basulto
Drone crashes on Ellipse near White House: sUAS News
Celestial Photos: Hubble Space Telescope's Latest Cosmic Views: Space


The Tragic Ending To Obama's Bay Of Pigs: CIA Hands Over Syria To Russia: ZH
Black Man Goes Nuclear on Obama at Trump Rally: Liber-T
Happy Columbus Day: Dave Blount

Image: Black Man Goes Nuclear on Obama at Trump Rally
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