Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Brother, can you spare $2.1 trillion? Eurozone needs a cash infusion "ten times bigger than TARP"

The head of the Carlyle Group, Oliver Sarkozy, just left CNBC's cheerleaders aghast as he described the scale of the Eurozone crisis.

The math I'm working with is very simple.

In the U.S. banking sector, we had $3 trillion of wholesale funding that needed to be stabilized, got stabilized by the implementation of TARP which saw the U.S. treasury buy $212 billion worth of preferred in the banking sector to stabilize that $3 trillion, give our banks the time to work through their problem their problem assets.

In Europe, that $3 trillion is $30 trillion. So if you multiply the $212 by ten, you get the $2.12 trillion. In my view, the issues on the European banks are bigger than the issues on the books of the US banks. So if you want to stabilize that $30 trillion and in my view it's not that you want to, it's that you have to, you do not have a choice, you're going to have to be at least at $2.1 trillion and I suspect it may need to be more.

In other words, the Eurozone needs a cash infusion that is ten times the size of TARP*.

I'll check the couch to see if there's a spare $2.1 trillion that fell under the cushions.

* Pssst: hey, liberals -- Europe's imploding model is one your heroes Barack Obama and Paul Krugman keep trying to emulate. Hint: it don't work.


Anonymous said...

You: stupidest person on the internet?


directorblue said...

Why do you hate Oliver Sarkozy?