Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good News: North American Electric Reliability Corporation Warns New EPA Regulations 'Threaten Stability of Power Grids'

After reading Public utility commission and FERC board slam EPA: it "ambushed" utilities, will cause "widespread and uncontrolled blackouts", Matt emailed us with more good news.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) released a report yesterday concluding that proposed EPA regulations “may significantly affect bulk power system reliability depending on the scope and timing of the rule implementation and the mechanisms in place to preserve reliability.”

As this 
Platts report notes, NERC says that these proposed rules could create “insufficient generating resources” and “threaten the stability of power grids in Texas and New England within the next decade.”

Not to mention job losses and economic ruin. Hooray!

Before this latest news, estimates of job losses caused by the EPA had topped 1.44 million.

In reality, it will be considerably more. How many companies can operate without a stable electric grid?

President Obama's mission to turn American into a third-world country continues apace.


Quilly_Mammoth said...

Doug, you need to put that bumper sticker on Cafe Press. You'd sell tons just tot he Ace of Spade Morons.

Anonymous said...

"tot he Ace of Spade Morons". Don't forget the Ewoks and moronettes too!

Anonymous said...

That's probably where he got it. I like the blog and appreciate what he does, but he tends to appropriate things without attribution

Anonymous said...

I think Ace and the morons have placed SCOAMF in the public domain.
Fell free to use it.

Anonymous said...

At what point do the states simply rebel against the destructive edicts of the EPA and refuse to shoot ourselves in the foot to satisfy unreasonable people? And yes, I know, a few such acts of rebellion will burst the dam and the whole structure known as the Rule of Law will come tumbling down, with all the resultant chaos. On the other hand, chaos is the inevitable result of the EPA edicts that make it impossible to live in a modern society.