Saturday, November 12, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: CBS Report to Expose Insider Trading on Capitol Hill

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CBS Report to Expose Insider Trading on Capitol Hill: C4P
Occupiers part of grand alliance against the productive: Steyn
Reggie Love, longtime Obama aide, to leave White House: LAT

A Thank You and a Reminder: Green Mountains
Seven Dead at Occupy Protests So Far: AmPower
Univision Poll: GOP candidates and the Hispanic vote: Karl


Better education through lower taxes: DC
Too Big To Fail Can't Be Fixed With Dodd-Frank in Place: AmSpec
Islam's War on Free Speech: Atlas

Obama’s Pipeline Punt: Cmmntry
Elena Kagan: Excited When Obamacare Passed: LoneCon
Greece Turns to Iran for Oil as Credit Shut Down: Mish

Gunrunner & Energygate

Family of Murdered Border Agent Lashes Out at Holder: Fox
Spiritual Warfare. "Drink water, pray, drive on.": SSI
Video: Cornyn blows up “Bush did it too” on Fast and Furious: Hot Air

Climate & Energy

Ah–Chu: Guess Who Funded Spain’s Green Energy Disaster: Soylent Green
Republicans test Senate's will to stand up for EPA: BizWk
Energy Department failed to sound alarm as Solyndra solar company sank: WaPo


NBC, ABC Skip Obama Administration's Delay of Pipeline That Could Create 20,000 Jobs: NB
Penn State: the Death Penalty Awaits: Shayne
NBC and CBS Give Scant Coverage to Deadly Shootings at Occupy Wall Street Protests; ABC Ignores: NB

Michelle to Serve as NASCAR Grand Marshal: Dossier
Media Attempt to Cover up Obama Comments on Israel: BigJ
POLITICO: Occupy Wall Street Is Winning: Glob


China's economy showing signs of trouble: AT
Connecting the Nuclear Dots on Iran: FPM
Invisible Run on Banks Becoming Conversation With Italian Yields Above 7%: Bloomberg

Newt on Israel, Sarkozy and Obama: Hewitt
The Unreported Tragedy of Cuba’s Repressive Communist Regime: Foundry
Sharia mortgage racket fails, leaves 200 Canadian Muslim families in limbo: Creeping

Eurozone Debt Crisis Reveals China's Economic Weakness: Stratfor
"I Want You All Fired" Yet Another Fantastic Video from Nigel Farage, Speaking to European Parliament: Mish
$400,000 prize offered to break up the euro: CNN


Everything should be open source, says WordPress founder: ZDNet
Reader Gets AT&T To Admit It's Their Towers That Suck, Not The iPhone: Consumerist
iOS 5 battery fix here--and more fuel for Apple rumor mill: CNet


Plan to Save the Country: Soldiers optional. Ditto, tools, books, magazines and property reviews (?): MOTUS
Hashtag Of The Entitlement Generation: SDA
God Bless Mexifornia – American Flag T-Shirts Banned On Cinco de Mayo: SHN

Image: @Kenny4Field
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QOTD: "Sarkozy then said of Netanyahu, “I cannot bear him, he’s a liar,” to which President Obama reportedly said, “You may be sick of him, but me, I have to deal with him every day.”A number of journalists heard this but did not report on it after staffers from Sarkozy’s office went to the journalists and told them the comments were meant to be private. According to reports, French media tradition requires journalists to honor that privacy, and in keeping with that tradition, they were asked to sign agreements to that effect. Apparently many of them complied “due to the sensitivity of the issue.” But it was a French website, Arret sur images, that first reported the conversation. Reporters from Reuters and the Associated Press confirmed the account of the conversation. Sarkozy’s and Obama’s offices have refused to comment." --AIM

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