Sunday, November 20, 2011

Poster Child for Insanity: Los Angeles Times Advocates Even Higher Taxes So Californians Can "Pay It Forward"

Those sounds you just heard were California's beleaguered taxpayers smacking themselves on their foreheads:

California's budget is almost never adopted by the legal deadline, but it was this year — in part because of a new simple-majority-vote requirement that left quarrelsome Republicans out of the discussion, and in part because daydreaming Democrats relied on a vaporous wish that the economy was going to improve and that the state would recoup $3.7 billion more in tax revenues than now seems likely. The shortfall is expected to trigger $2 billion in spending cuts, and Californians who think that's a good thing — that the cuts will impose needed fiscal discipline, or will force the state to make more responsible decisions, or will punish lazy freeloaders or greedy state workers — should wake up and smell the future...

...California is a wealthy state, with enough money and brains to create a future of opportunity and achievement for the next generation. As we face these new triggered cuts and even deeper cuts in the coming year, Californians must now show whether we still have sufficient regard for each other and for our successors to invest a little more today for an abundant, and sustainable, future.

The Times ignores the costs of California's operation as a sanctuary state, which the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimates at $20 billion. Consider just one slice of that figure and the devastating effects that California's open borders policies have on taxpayers:

According to The Modesto Bee, the California correctional system spends $50,000 annually to house each prisoner. This translates to 10 percent of the entire state's budget -- more than double that of the immense California university system -- which is spent on prisoners.

The state prison system currently houses about 155,000 inmates, 21,000 of whom are illegal aliens. Thus, California is spending about $1,050,000,000 (one billion and fifty million dollars) on imprisonment of illegals alone.

There is only way out of this mess for California before cities and the state itself descend into bankruptcy and chaos: they must eradicate collective bargaining rights for public sector workers; they must terminate open borders policies that allow sanctuary cities to exist in California; and they must rein in the regulatory superstate that has sent businesses fleeing the state in record numbers.

The time is now, Californians. You don't have much time left to repair this mess. Reject the idiocy of the Los Angeles Times and the other leftists who have set the state on a course for economic collapse. Vote for freedom.


Robert said...

oh believe me, we reject the Fascist LA Slimes and all the criminal fascists who run this once-great state and most all of our cities here.

and believe me, we have already formally outvoted them on ALL tax increases that have been proposed in the past 3 years and they know they have no chance in hell of stealing more from us in any legal way.

so now they are in the temper tantrum, smear the citizen, everyone who won't give us their money is a racist, phase.

they know it can't last, and they know we have stopped them from stealing more from us, and now it's just a matter of time until it all goes down.

because California's state and local government has been "transformed" by the hateful bunch of humans who call themselves "Democrats" (ha!) into a massive unassailable criminal enterprise to benefit only Leftists/Facists and their union enforcers, while also funding their army of invasion from mexico.

SecondComingOfBast said...

I've got a better idea, just cede the whole damn worthless state back over to Mexico. In ten years time nobody would be able to tell the difference anyway, culturally or economically.

QueMan said...

I am a born and raised native Californian...however during that time California was very conservative and led the nation in every area. Heck they even had the worlds 4th or 3rd economy (outside the US) in the how far she has fallen...

Doom said...

This is why I prefer to only put up and support true conservatives. In some places, these politicians will never be elected. Which is fine. While it has a negative affect on everything from policies to financing, there remains no doubt who is doing what. I try to tell conservatives as you try to warn Californians, all of it on deaf ears.

Put on your seat belt, this is going to hurt.