Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: We Are the 'Lazy,' 'Soft,' and Lacking In 'Hunger' Movement

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We Are the 'Lazy,' 'Soft,' and Lacking In 'Hunger' Movement: Ace
C-SPAN asks SCOTUS to open Obamacare arguments to cameras: Malkin
Perry argues for cutting government, hits nerve: Pundette

Bullet Hits White House Window: Powers
Is That a Threat?: Spew
Obama nominee favors rationing health care: WklyStd

Supreme Ironies: Obamacare and the Court: PJM
CAIR uses DOJ to shake down MN school district: Creeping
Obama Thrown Softballs in Hawaii Presser: Dossier


Poverty Data Used To Justify Political Greed: Williams
Protester threatens Macy's with Molotov Cocktail: VS
Obama's children sent home to Mama: Boortz

Rhode Island: the Meltdown Continues: Mead
Visa's Happenstance IPO Coincidentally Benefited Pelosi: Ace
The Post Office Is Doomed: Atlantic Wire

Gunrunner & Energygate

Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s ‘Green’ Company Scored $1.4 Billion Taxpayer Bailout: BigGov
Obama’s Half-Billion-Dollar Crony Drug Deal: Malkin
Politico Runs Story on Pelosi's Political Acumen: "Nancy Pelosi Still Has The Golden Touch": Ace

SSI Exclusive: They knew. Everybody knew. This one email proves it.: SSI
Eric Holder Manipulated Mainstream Media to Taint Fast/Furious Investigation: Lid
Penn State vs. Gunwalker: Warped Priorities?: Owens

Climate & Energy

Chevy Volts Are, it Appears, Bursting into Flames: BigGov
EPA using ‘press release science’ to justify regulations, congressmen say: DC
Erratic, extreme, press release puts Princeton climate science in a new light: Watts


Diane Sawyer Again Links Tea Party And Sarah Palin to Rep. Giffords’ Shooting: BigJ
Breitbart's Big House: Slate
Where I’ve been, and how Newt’s coming: Kimball

A Revolving Door Of Media Bias: IBD
Liberals On Government Healthcare Then And Now: Glob
Obama Thinks Hawaii Is in Asia (Video): GWP


Europe's Next Crisis: Beyond Finance: Stratfor
A Moat Too Far: Steyn
Report: Chinese Banking System Nearly Bankrupt: Mish

Will North Korea Collapse?: PJM
Poll: Troops Losing Confidence in Obama Commander-in-Chief: BigPeace
Obama’s Favorite Middle East Leader: Anti-American Radical Who Loathes America and Israel: BRubin


Having Solved All Other Legal Matters, DOJ Focuses on Your Profile: AllAm
Walt Mossberg Reviews Kindle Fire, Amazon's Color Tablet: WSJ
Verizon Wireless presses its 4G LTE edge into new markets: CNet


NBA Should Have Learned From MLB: Chron
Assistant coach went to police, helped stop assault, e-mail says: CNN
MMM MMM MMM: iOwnTheWorld

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QOTD: "I asked the CBO to model the economy going forward under so much debt. Beyond 2029, the computer models used by CBO crash because they can’t conceive of any way the U.S. economy can continue under such a massive debt burden." --Rep. Paul Ryan

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