Thursday, November 24, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The Real Story of Thanksgiving

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The Real Story of Thanksgiving: EIB
Ex-Dem Congressman: Voter ID is the cure for Vote Fraud: BigGov
Bachmann: By Now, Michelle O. Would Have Gotten an Apology: Malkin

Obama’s Zip-a-Dee-Do-Dah Black Agenda: ConBlkChk
Interviewing Rick Perry on Immigration: RWN
Wasserman-Schultz flustered by question from Univision: Shark Tank


The CBO Quietly Downgrades Obama's $825 Bil Stimulus : IBD
I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday For a Tax Increase Today: Coulter
Donald Berwick, Rationing Advocate, Quits Obama Admin Post: LifeNews

Why My Wife and I will not Send Our Kids to L.A. Public Schools: Ricochet
'Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone': 11Alive
U.S. may lose second triple-A rating within months: MarketWatch

Viriginia's Gov. McDonnell could be making a huge mistake: Heartland
Poll: by 48-40 margin, voters want Obamacare repealed: WZ
The Occupiers In Two Sad Photos: Power Line

Gunrunner & Energygate

Armed illegals stalked Border Patrol: Times
NYT Says New Climate E-Mails Are A Crime: S&L
Ex-Solyndra Employees Eligible For $14.3M in Federal Aid: NewAm

Climate & Energy

Obama Administration Pressures Contractor To ‘Soften’ Mining Job Losses: EPA Abuse
Hello, President Windmill? The Dutch Have Turned Sour on Wind Power, Because it’s Too Expensive: Marfdrat
Mr. David Palmer Explains the Problem: Watts


Piers Morgan Trashes Sarah Palin in Interview With Gabby Giffords' Husband: NB
The Ghost of Thanksgiving Yet to Come: Feral Irishman
Townhall Exclusive: The Invisible President: Townhall

Why Is JournOlister Ezra Klein Briefing Dem Chiefs Of Staff Behind Closed Doors?: BigJourn
FDU Poll: Fox News Makes You Stupid (Ignore Our Margin Of Error): BigJourn
Exclusive: Sarah Palin's Thankgsiving Message: CBN

CNN: 50% of White Blue-Collar Dems Don’t Want To Renominate Obama: WZ
John Kerry Flat Out Lies on Meet the Press: ATR
Newt Gingrich and the Latino Vote: Bettinainclan


About Barack Obama's Grand Adventure in Libya: AmSpec
Medvedev: Russian Missiles May 'Take Out' U.S. Missile Defenses: ABC
Romney’s Iran Gaffe: McCarthy

The euro crisis: The screw tightens: Economist
Arabs Like Saddam, Hugo Chavez, More Than Obama : USN&WR
Perry: We should consider a Syrian no-fly zone if we’re serious about stopping Iranian nukes: Hot Air

Iran Training Palestinians with New Missiles: IPT
Irish Prime Minister Begs EU for Debt Relief in Disgraceful Performance: Mish
'A Complete Disaster' - Sovereign Bond Auction Fizzles in Germany: Spiegel


25 "Worst Passwords" of 2011 Revealed: Forbes
Apple Cult Mocked by Samsung in Galaxy S II Ad: CNet
AT&T/T-Mobile withdraw FCC merger application: Politico


Happy Thanksgiving From Sea to Shining Sea: MOTUS
Worst Flight Ever? Passenger Forced to Stand 7 Hours Due to 400lb Seat-Mate: Blaze
Forms are going fast! Sign up today!: C&S

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QOTD: "Let me tell you what I find most terrifying: we’re having this discussion about a risk of recession at a time when unemployment is already too high, at a time when a quarter of homeowners are underwater on their mortgages, at a time when the fiscal deficit is 9%, a time when interest rates are at zero. These are all conditions coming out of a recession, not going into a recession." --Mohamed El-Erian

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