Sunday, November 27, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Michelle Obama’s warning to gun owners

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Michelle Obama’s warning to gun owners: DC
Order of the Reich President for Protection of People and State: GreenMnts
Thanks for the absurd but true: Will

The Absent President: The World Burns, Obama Plays: Bruce
Occupy Nut Arrested After Threat To Murder Gov. Nikki Haley: Ace
Rangel’s ‘rehabilitation’ is a travesty: Milbank

Bold Leadership Versus Political Parasites: BigGovt
Gingrich on Fire in Naples: Shark Tank
Texas court refuses to hold GOP-contested redistricting map: Hill


The Biggest Entitlement of All: Emerging Corruption
The Grover Norquist tax myth: Krauthammer
Government Stress Tests For Banks May Hurt Recovery: IBD

What really happened at UC Davis?: ProWis
How the War on Drugs Creates Perverse Incentives for Police: Volokh
The Spanish bank run has started: EuroIntelligence

Gunrunner & Energygate

Somebody figured it out: "Behind the fall of Operation Fast and Furious": SSI
What it is like Trying to Reveal Truths in the Blogsphere: WSE
Allianz: ‘Green’ energy could trigger catastrophic blackouts: JunkScience

Climate & Energy

More Leaked ClimateGate Emails Suggest Politics Reigned In "Science": Ace
More bad news for the global warming scam artists: WZ
Scientists in Revolt against Global Warming: AT

Obama nixes UN climate fund: Surber
Climategate II Emails: US, UK Colluded to Suppress Anti-Warming Data: Lid
Proposed initiative on nuclear plants would spur blackouts, state says: LAT


Sarah Palin Lied!: Rottweiler
Predictable: Politico Asks If Newt Gingrich Is Really Smart: Ace
Heh: Obama And MSNBC Mouth-Breather Ed Schultz Make GQ’s “25 Least Influential People Alive”: NB

Why Do Liberals Keep Sanitizing the Obama Story?: Atlantic
CNN Hack, Gabby Giffords' Husband Slam Palin For Not Apologizing For... ??!@!?!??: WZ
The View from Moonbase Whoopi: Driscoll

An Accumulation of Little Extravagances: William F. Buckley Jr. on Barack Obama: Kimball
Tebow, Palin, and the Pain of Remorse: AT
The Mob And Media War On Police: BigJourn


The Ally From Hell: Atlantic
Pakistan Demands U.S. Vacate Suspected Drone Base Within 15 Days: NatlJrnl
Pakistan Closes NATO Supply Lines Into Afghanistan Following Attack On Two Outposts: Ace

Looting the Egyptian Currency: Democracy in Action: Spengler
Guns Better Investment Than Gold?: Mead
157 Air Force Majors terminated without retirement benefits: AT

Britain's Foreign Office Prepares For Riots In Europe; Sees Euro Collapse "When, Not If": ZH
It is now becoming clear Germany has had enough of this euro mess: Telegraph
New Death Threats from Islamic Supremacists and their Leftist Enablers Show How Much They CAIR: Zilla


Manila says arrested hackers funded by Saudi group: Reuters
U.S. Authorities Seize Domain Names: AtlWire
FBI, DHS say no evidence of a hack in an Illinois water district pump failure: NetworkWorld


Revenge of the Turkey: JPA
Black Friday You Can Believe In! : MOTUS
Want to See the Human-Sized Hobbit House That Costs Less Than $5,000 to Build?: Blaze

Image: Sondrakistan
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: The Call For A Summit

QOTD: "This [scramble for firearms among civilians in Syria and Lebanon] is the pattern I saw at work in Yugoslavia and the Caucasus twenty years ago as ethnic groups geared up to butcher their neighbors and drive them from their homes; I will never forget the night a Georgian poet asked me how much guns cost on the Istanbul black market; he was arming himself against what he called the “Abkhazian menace.”

I made a note to myself at that time: when poets buy guns, tourist season is over. They are buying them now in Damascus; something wicked this way comes." --Walter Russell Mead

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