Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Truth About Ron Paul: Delusional, Power-Hungry and Dangerous

Interviewed on Neal Cavuto's Fox News show this afternoon, GOP presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul claimed that "a third of the crowd was with me last night [at the debate] and more than a third of the country is with my ideas."


So a third of the country agrees with:

• A man who claims that bloodthirsty Islamist terrorists are morally equivalent to Americans?

• A man who vocally encourages the despicable 9/11 Truther movement?

• A man who embraces virulent anti-semites and is inspired by those who despise Jews?

• A man whose foreign policy prescriptions are so "far left" that they are outright dangerous?

• A man whose strongest supporters vilify Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Ed Meese, Sarah Palin, etc.?

• A man who despises Israel, a beacon of freedom in an otherwise barbaric Middle East?

• A man so power-hungry that he refuses to rule out a third-party run, which would very likely help reelect Barack Obama?

Jeffrey Lord offers the quintessential summary of Ron Paul for conservatives:

The Ron Paul campaign is really about re-educating America to what can only be called Neoliberalism. Which, based on the evidence and writings of its supporters, appears to be a thin gruel of free markets and non-interventionism seasoned heavily with anti-Semitism, morally obtuse Neo-Confederates, and an outspoken contempt for both conservatism and conservative leaders past and present.


Anonymous said...

Morally obtuse is a term reserved for the denizens of the Upper East Side and the Hamptons who believe Romney is a conservative and that Obama is a law professor. As a neo Confederate I'd also observe that those who use the term neo Confederate as a derisive term are usually to be found worshipping at the altars of John McCain and his evil little toad of a daughter.

directorblue said...

You're new 'round here, right?

Bachmann, Perry, Santorum, Gingrich and Cain in that order.

Anonymous said...

HE'S A LOON !!!!!!!!!!!
If the MSM is trying hard to give him credibility, it's only because they are trying to make him look like a "normal" Republican and scare voters away.

Doom said...

You know, you definitely have a point. I haven't been paying attention to RP. I didn't realize how far off the rez he has slid, or always was. I knew just enough to know he wasn't worth studying more.

Frank B. Stahl said...

Your all idiots. Keep toeing the establishment line and you will hang your self with it. Do your own research and don't let this guy fill your heads with mindless hate mongering dribble. The Patriot Act is an abomination. The Wars are endless and at this point meaningless unless your a fan of American Imperialism. Then you can vote in your Neo-Con puppets. By the way Neo Conservative means New Conservative, as in Not A Real Conservative.

QuickCarl said...

"Israel is a beacon of freedom"?

Wow, you must be on some pretty heavy drugs.
Apartheid in Africa = Not OK
Apartheid in Israel = Perfectly fine if you listen to Zionists & John Bolton

Berlin Wall = An insult to freedom
West Bank Wall = A beacon of freedom

Your article was the funniest thing I've read today.
Oh, it wasn't meant to be humorous?

Brian said...

This article was by far, the biggest piece of garbage I have ever read on this site. And I love this site.

You have mis-characterized and demonized Ron Paul to such an extent that an education here is simply not worth the effort.

Go find some more status quo lawyers, rinos, and elite pricks- elect one- and then wonder why shit never changes. Gawd.

Joe Mudd said...

Come on, what window are you looking out of? Out my window I see abject depression everywhere and the cure
for the country is the same as the one I did for my family back in 1999
I cut up the credit cards and never looked back. It saved my family and me. Ending the Federal Reserve is cutting up the credit card. That one move would would cure HALF of all this nations ills immediately. It would hurt but the economic rebound and the automatic reduction of our government would in itself save the nation. Everything would immediately be on the table (except the military as that is provided for in the constitution and we all know Paul is a total constitutionalist) social security, welfare, health-care all unnecessary departments,IE you can't have more than you can pay for, with current tax dollars. Add to that the FACT that if you quit printing money from thin air without backing the dollar value would go up immediately as well. So long story over I'm voting for WHOEVER will end the FED because it's job 1.
Without it we are done as a country. 15 trillion sheesh.

Doom said...

No thank you Frank. Coolaid, of any color or flavor, that I believe is poison? I'll leave to those who choose it with eyes wide open or shut. There are more than one, or even two or three, reasons our military is abroad. If I thought Paul would be anything but a do nothing, one term, president (because politics is all about mutual scratching of backs)... Well, actually if I didn't think that. I simply can't vote for a guy who is as far out as Paul, with almost a cult-like group of followers. If that doesn't wake you up to what you are thought of, nothing will. I doubt if I am alone here in this.

Doom said...

QuickCarl, as in the Jackal? Right. Oh, I think you are the one on drugs, or in some cult or other, or both? Wow, just wow. No need to debate with you, there is no way to debate someone who proves to have weaker critical thinking skills than a child. Comparing Israel to Apartheid or a defensive wall to a wall built by an occupier between two parts of a nation in which it occupies, illegally and immorally, one half of the nation. Your evil or grossly stupid.

A Conservative Teacher said...

Careful Doug- going after the Ron Paul believes will bring their wrath down on you. They're just as hopey and changey as the Obama supporters. Politics is a dirty business and every candidate is flawed- and yet Paul supporters worship him with blind devotion, believing that he somehow is not dirty or flawed. They're not conservatives or libertarians- just the flip side of the Obama coin.

Anonymous said...

Good job Biff, the Paulian Defense Team is streaming over here now !!!

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to instantly dispell the myth that Ron Paul is an “anti-semite”. . . .
1. He is a Senior Fellow of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute:
Ludwig Von Mises was an Austrian born Jewish free market economist who was one of the “founding fathers” of the Austrian School of economics (which RP’s policies all stem from). One of the primary books that woke Ron Paul up to the Federal Reserve and influenced him to enter into politics to further the liberty cause (and the end the fed cause) was “Human Action”, by same Ludwig Von Mises.
Ludwig Von Mises was personally listed on Adolf Hitler’s “hit list” of top academics to take out. He fled Austria for his life and relocated to America. So yeah. Ron Paul is the virtual spokesman of the Mises Institute, which furthers the cause of a Jewish economist who fled Hitler.
So: Ron Paul’s entire life’s work was directly inspired by a Jew who fled persecution by Hitler.
2. He named his son after Ayn Rand (not her real name), a Jewish woman from Soviet Russia who had her family ruined by the Communists because they owned a small business. The business was confiscated by force and nationalized. She lied to Soviet Authorities so they would allow her to leave Russia on a “temporary basis”, to which she never returned.
So: Ron Paul named his son After another Jew who fled persecution.
3. Ron Paul frequently worked with Murray Rothbard, and was personally inspired by him on many levels. Muray Rothbard was one of the most refined Libertarian thinkers of the 20th century, and also a Jew. Murray Rothbard is now deceased, but when he was alive, Ron Paul frequently did work with him.
So: Another one of Ron Paul’s mentors, whom he did work with is also a Jew. He didn’t flee anyone because he is a born American, but if you listen to things he used to say, he sounds like exactly what the SPLC or ADL would put up on MSNBC with spooky music, claiming he was a radical neo nazi.
4. Peter Schiff, another Jew, was Ron Paul’s Economics advisor to his 2008 election campaign.
So: Ron Paul picks Jews to be on his campaign team.
Beyond that: It is absolutely impossible to be a racist and an individualist. You have to be a collectivist before you can even accept that there are such things as “races”. You can’t be a racist if you don’t even categorize people as anything other than an individual. Just because most libertarians don’t believe in “collective identities” doesn’t mean they don’t like people who collectivists put into those such categories. It just means that we don’t like to categorize people artificially by race or religion. People are a lot more complex than that, and all individuals who are capable of making choices in their life on their own accord. Their personal choices are what judgement positive or negative derives from.

Doom said...


Not quite. Hmm. Not at all. Explain Soros then. He is Jewish and seemingly quite anti-Semite. As are many Jewish academics, professionals, and such.

Now, I am not sure I believe RP is an anti-Semite, but many of his backers are and he doesn't seem to mind. And to be against Israel is half of the cookie and I think he is. But don't use exceptions, especially exceptions which are more likely due to rarity or my notions to more prove the rule than not, to develop a rule.