Saturday, November 19, 2011

Horrifying Chart of the Day (and Reason #4,323 that John Boehner Must Be Replaced As Speaker of the House)

Via the Washington Examiner comes this doozy of a reality check:

Consider the negotiating "skills" of House Speaker John Boehner:

• Episode 1: The Continuing Resolution Charade, in which Boehner gives up his trump card -- a government shutdown -- without a whimper

• Episode 2: The Debt Ceiling Debacle, in which Boehner gives up his trump card -- forcing the government to cut spending -- without a fight

• Episode 3: The Case of the Balanced Budget Amendment That Wasn't, in which Boehner hollows out the Cut-Cap-and-Balance pledge and tries to pass a BBA that neither cuts or caps spending

• Episode 4: Super-Committee Cowardice, in which Boehner names RINOs who have no desire to battle the Left nor seriously cut spending

In 2012, we conservatives must rise up and demand that either Michele Bachmann, Paul Ryan or Allen West replace the cowardly, weak-willed, big-government, cocktail-circuit Republican named John Boehner as House Speaker.

We don't have any time left for pathetic losers like Boehner and Eric Cantor who refuse to fight for this country as the Marxist Left drags it into an economic abyss.

I'm sick of these weaklings. And they need to go.


Anonymous said...

No, not Allen West for Speaker... He voted for this gutted BBA and tried to do his level best to defend his vote for that idiocy...

Robert said...

I want Boehner voted out of office, not just out of leadership. he is a disgrace and can't go a month without leaving another knife sticking out of our backs.

he's an effing scumbag and has no place in our party or our government. Ohioans, please primary this weak lying creep and get rid of him.

being a traitor to conservatives and lying to us is a BIG MISTAKE.