Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Perry Op-Ed: Eric Holder Must Resign

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Perry Op-Ed: Eric Holder Must Resign: Ace
An Historic Failure of Presidential Leadership: Dossier
The Occupiers: Curry

Surgeon confirms ObamaCare rationing, death panels: Scoop
Should the Rich Be Condemned?: Williams
Tony Rezko Sentenced to Over 10 Years in Prison: Malkin


Did the SuperCommittee see these two horrible debt graphics?: Peth
CBO Confirms Obama-Pelosi Stimulus Damaged Economy: GWP
The way out of our financial mess is transparency: AT

We’ve Had Enough Government ‘Stimulation’: Cato
Occupy's Latest Plan: Refuse to Repay Student Loan Debt: NewAm
Shocker: Chicks Don't Dig Camping Out With Smelly Losers: RSM

Patriotic Millionaires Demand Higher Taxes... for Others: DC
Fears US Banks Will Need To Raise Billions In New Capital: ZH
Banks Make Plans for Euro-Zone Split: Mish

Gunrunner & Energygate

Getting things straight about Operation Fast & Furious: Workman
Holy crap, Eric Holder truly is toast: even Jon Huntsman demands his resignation: DC
U.S. And Europe threaten their own energy independence: RWN

Climate & Energy

ClimateGate 2.0 Emails Reveal "Scientists" Quite Interested In "The Cause," Public Relations: Ace
Climategate 2.0 emails – They’re real and they’re spectacular!: Watts
Climategate II, 5,000 New Emails Released Detailing Climate Change Hoax: Lid


National Treasure James O’Keefe III Catches Corrupt Rutgers Profs in Play for Pay Scheme: GWP
CNN Anchor Mocks Bachmann’s Faith: Do You ‘Regret’ Listening to God?: BigJourn
How Bad Is It for the Obamas? Booed, Flipped Off and Told to Quit: Bruce

Zuccotti Utopia: Portraits of The New Revolutionaries: LATL
No, Congress did not declare pizza a vegetable: WaPo
AP: Occupy Protests Have Now Cost Local U.S. Cities a Total of $13 Million: Blaze

Reaction Roundup: GOP Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy: Foundry
Analysis Of The CNN Republican National Security Debate: RWN
The faces of #OWS cluelessness as exemplified by #UCDavis: Toldjah


Our World: America’s descent into strategic dementia: Glick
How the US Nat’l Security Apparatus is Imposing Islamic Law of Slander on Americans: Creeping
Fatwa Permits Raping Infidel Women: Jawa

Three Doomsday Scenarios: What Happens If the Eurozone Breaks Up?: MoneyMorning
Fitch Pours A-98 Gasoline On The European Fire, Threatens AAA Rating Of Parent France: ZH
Tiffany Trusts Botswana Gold over US!: ResourcefulEarthNews


Has Google made Wintel and Satellite Cable Terminal Shorts?: ZH
48% of Job Seekers Have Used Facebook to Look for Work: Datamation
How long will AT&T fight for T-Mobile?: CNet


Driving While Blonde: Polish Edition: Ace
We Play Chicken with Country AND Western Civilization: MOTUS
Richmond Occupiers to Receive Free Aerosolized Vegetable Spray: Doswell

Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: The Search for Marizela: A Thanksgiving note

QOTD: "These students, their generation and all Americans are facing an uncertain, perilous future.In large part, it is because we have a nice-talking, but unprepared man in charge.

Listen to President Obama today and he will lay blame on everyone but himself. His only plan will be to spend more money that we don’t have.

Four years ago, primary voters here tried to tell the nation that this wet-behind-the-ears socialist wannabe was the wrong man. (They picked Hillary Clinton in the primary.)

Here is hoping that seven weeks from today, primary voters here will put the nation on a path to unseating this glib, clueless disaster of a President. " --New Hampshire Union Leader Editorial, "Primary voters rejected Obama"

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