Saturday, November 19, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The Tea Party Budget

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The Tea Party Budget: AmSpec
The Occupation Should Be On White House Grounds: IBD
Joe Biden addresses secretive donor conference: Politico

Romney's record is to the left of John McCain's: Exam
Balanced Budget Amendment Fails in House: AmSpec
Is Paul Ryan willing to raise taxes?: Pethokoukis


Obama USDA delays shale drilling, up to 200k jobs: Exam
MF Global: A Bet for Bullard: Krasting
Thank You, Ann Barnhardt; We Need More With Your Courage: Bizzy

Apocalypse Soon: Hot Air
Treasury: Taxpayer Losses On GM Will Be Massive: Reason
Occupy Chicago March pics: More SEIU!: Marathon

Obama-NLRB Rushes to Issue Ambush-Elections Rules: LUR
Is it possible for Congress to cut spending?: Exam
Taxpayers Get the Bill for Occupations: $12.1M and Counting: VS

Gunrunner & Energygate

We All Suffer Thanks to Obama's Green Ideology: Boortz
Explosive Email in Fast and Furious: AT
DOE's Chu Can't Manage Apology, Much Less Department: NLPC

Climate & Energy

A Brief Summary of James E. Hansen’s NASA Ethics File: PJM
Hide the Moral Decline: Driscoll
Secretary Chu’s ‘Clean Energy Race’ Lies: PJM


Newt Gingrich: MSNBC "Essentially The Obama Re-Election Team": RCP
War: Larry Elder versus Chris Matthews over JFK book: Hot Air
OWS Cult Attempts to Silence and Intimidate Me: Urban Infidel

Panicked AP Attempts to Memory-Hole Democrats’ #Occupy Endorsements: BigJourn
Big Three Networks Devote a Scant 36 Seconds to Obama's 'Lazy' Gaffe: NB
Rick Perry: Absolutely I think Barack Obama is a socialist: Scoop


Israel's Iran attack plan includes high tech wizardry: AT
Syria's Not a Revolution-It is A Civil War, A Guide to the Battle : BRubin
Saudi women with attractive eyes may be forced to cover even them up: Daily Mail

Once Again, Islamists Bully Europe on Free Speech: PJM
Obama Gives Poor Free Internet After U.N. Says It’s A Basic Human Right: JW
Hugo Chavez on Israeli "Fascism": Loudon


Pentagon successfully tests hypersonic flying bomb: AFP
2nd test affirms faster-than-light particles: CBS
10 cool holiday tech gifts for under $100: MarketWatch


#OWS: The Empire Strikes Back: AllAm
Mama, Don’t Take My Photoshop Away: Driscoll
Special Ops Wants Commandos to Have Invisible Faces: Wired

Image: The Tatler
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "By Wednesday, Nov. 23, the Deficit Reduction Panel has to report on ways to cut the federal deficit by at least $1.2 trillion over 10 years. Democrats refuse to support spending cuts unless Republicans agree to tax increases. And there is an increasing chance that the Republican members of the commission — or at least some of them — will cave in to Democratic demands.

Some have floated the figure of $600 billion in “revenue enhancements,” and others have ventured the notion that they may not say what taxes they will increase but that they will simply specify an amount to be raised. Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander recently criticized Republicans for rigidly opposing any tax hikes.

The issue is not whether millionaires can or can’t afford to pay higher taxes. It is not even whether taxing them more will hurt consumer spending and postpone the recovery. (The top 2 percent spends 33 percent of the money in the country.) The question is whether the outrageous and unsupportable increases in federal spending under Obama are locked in place by tax increases or whether the spending is cut back down to the level of current taxes." --Dick Morris

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