Thursday, November 17, 2011

World War IV? Secret German Report Details a Super-EU Able to 'Take Over Economies of Eurozone Countries'

The Telegraph reports that Germany's leaders have laid down a secret contingency plan for hostile economic takeovers of sovereign members of the EU.

And what could possibly go wrong with that? Besides, of course, a failed Viennese artist with a tiny mustache, a world war, and tens of millions dead?

[A] leaked memo, written by the German foreign office, discloses radical plans for an intrusive new European body that will be able to take over the economies of beleaguered eurozone countries.

It discloses that the EU’s largest economy is also preparing for other European countries, which are too large to be bailed out, to default on their debts — effectively going bankrupt. It will prompt fears that German plans to deal with the eurozone crisis involve an erosion of national sovereignty that could pave the way for a European “super state” with its own tax and spending plans set in Brussels...

...The eurozone contagion is threatening to spread to Spain and France... The six-page German foreign ministry paper sets out plans for the creation of a European Monetary Fund with a transfer of sovereignty away from member states.

The fund will have the power to take ailing countries into receivership and run their economies. Even more controversially, the document, entitled The future of the EU: required integration policy improvements for the creation of a Stability Union, declares that the treaty changes are a first stage “in which the EU will develop into a political union”. “The debate on the way towards a political union must begin as soon as the course toward stability union is charted,” it concludes.

The EU is dead: its leaders just refuse to acknowledge what everyone else in the world knows. It allowed countries to violate their terms of membership, it facilitated outrageous amounts of debt, and it helped promote the contamination of the entire world financial system.

The fuse was lit long ago. The only question is how many weeks (not months) it will all take to implode.


DANEgerus said...

Hitler won... who knew?

Danny.Liu said...

The German's recovered the Spear of destiny off the U-Boat that sunk off the coast of Florida. The real reason they don't want to abandon Afghanistan is, because of the Exxon Mobile's pipeline pumping oil from Afghanistan, it took them to years to complete, after use troops landed overseas. George Bush Jr. brags he went to Iraq for the oil, to show off to his affluent friends. So instead of half the national deficit, we have it double, they want to build permanent bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, so big oil, and the Republican's can get rich. So why do they want to make Afghanistan a permanent duty station so they can protect the interest's of big oil and the pipeline, before they started drilling and pumping oil out of Afghanistan, the country was considered the largest untapped oil resource in the world. They don't talk much about the pipeline now because the Billionaire's and corporations have silence everyone. I don't vote and support neither party. George Bush Jr and the Republican party wanted to control the oil infrastructure of Iraq, and Afghanistan to enrich themselves, Billions traded for the corporations, while America accumulated Trillions in national debt, not such a good trade off, but it was for 1% of the population. The people of Afghanistan live simple lives as farmers and ranchers, living off of mountain goats, and sheep's, and simple crops, too stupid to realize what they have an abundant source of natural resources that they do not benefit from, while Hamid Karzai hordes over 100 Billion in secret accounts for himself. The people of Afghanistan use horses and donkeys, and pick up trucks, as their main weapons, while military contractor's keep building new weapon system's for themselves and get richer, America goes down hill in debt. China owns 11% of the national debt, and Japan owns 10% and they are over 200% over GDP in national debt. So who owns most of the national debt Private Security Firms profiting off the national debt of the U.S. Instead of precision bomb strikes to wipe out Iran's Nuclear facilities, they want a full scale war to glamorize themselves, and spend 90 billion dollars a year, and go start a 3rd war. Republicans say it is a clutch for woman and their kids to live off food stamps, and they should be cut off from the system, and starve to death, just like people who can't pay for medical treatments, they should just die. How broke is America, just like when the U.S. was involved with the Tutsi and Rwanda's fighting the U.S. didn't do much, but give them U.S. made weapons and they fought it out by themselves, while people guarding the U.S. embassy didn't do anything to fight people who were getting slaughtered right in front of them.

Anonymous said...

Danny lay off the kool-aid for a while, I think someone pissed in it..........

Anonymous said...

Well, Germany's plans are that of 'The Beast with the ten horns" in the chapter of Daniel.
It all makes sense!