Monday, November 21, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Democrats’ tax-hike obsession killed the SuperCommittee

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Democrats' tax-hike obsession killed the SuperCommittee: Peth
Dear Average American: It’s All Your Fault : NRO
Sherrod Brown (D-OH): the most liberal member of the Senate: BigGov

Once They Own Your Kids, What’s Left?: NoisyRm
Leading senators: Kagan may have to recuse: Times
Democrat Congressman Charged With Child Sex Abuse: RightPer

Defense Spending Dwindles Under Obama: Foundry
Cigarettes for Signatures at #OccupyMilwaukee: GWP
Ron Paul: ‘Flawed’ US policies led to 9/11: Hill


Fannie, Freddie CEOs are scandalous, not Gingrich: PJM
Wasted Away In Obamaville: HayRide
There Are Bonuses, And There Are Bonuses: Wizbang

Could Ohio Become a Right-to-Work State?: Blumer
Which one of these Obama tax hikes will destroy the most jobs?: ATR
NLRB to Consider Speedier Union Votes: WSJ

California Ballot Boondoggle Sends Tax Dollars Out of State: RWN
Occupy a $700/night hotel room: ProWis
The cause of the crisis (and how to prevent the next one): Hayek

Gunrunner & Energygate

Waxman: Throwing Taxpayer Money Down Crapper Will Save Us From Fires, Droughts and Floods: Powers
Washington conducts public business for private gain: Exam
Did agents in Texas let guns 'walk' into Mexico?: Chron

Climate & Energy

Settled?: Mead
James Hansen and the Corruption of Science: Power Line
Warmists Now Say AGW Will Cause Less US Mainland Hurricane Strikes: RWN


State-Run Radio's Nina Totenberg: There Was Nothing Political About Obama Giving Solyndra Money: NB
David Brooks: ‘Welcome Greece. We are going to be Greece’: DC
NASCAR Crowd Boos Michelle Obama: Breitbart

When you’ve lost Shepard Fairey, you’ve lost America: NakedDC
Michael Moore Goes The Full Wingnut On President Obama Over Occupy ‘Crackdown’: Mediaite
The 10 Commandments Of Liberalism: Looking Spoon


Four Things You Need to Know about Venezuela: PJM
Durban III promotes what it claims to be fighting: Bayefsky
Christian Cross Is Seen as the ‘Mark of the Beast’ by Islamists: Yon

Home-Grown Jihad, Episode #253: GoV
The Run On Europe Begins, As Global Investors Head For The Hills: Blodget
Occupy Tokyo: Mass demonstrations go unreported by Japanese media: SOTT

How the Muslim Brotherhood Censors Federal Counterterrorism Training: BigPeace
University of California President Protects OWSers But Not Jews: Kesler
Israel Warns: Our Patience Is Wearing Thin, The “Time Has Come” To Deal With Iran: WZ


New Payment System Sidesteps Credit Cards: Fiscal Times
Which tablet is right for you?: Digital Trends
The Rootkit Of All Evil – CIQ: XDA Developers


This Week in Automotivators: RWN
If POTUS Gets Eaten By a Crocodile in the Outback...: Powers
11 Sounds That Your Kids Have Probably Never Heard: MentalFloss

Image: "NYC Arrests 'Lone Wolf' Terrorist Building Pipe Bombs"
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QOTD: "It's true. Corzine, Joe Biden's pal and Obama crony, as taken something like $600M of his client's money and spent it on... magic beans, I guess. Or hookers. Whatever.

But don't look now, Herman Cain hit on a white's woman!

Lookit, MF Global's mini-Madoff may or may not have destroyed the whole financial system. I would bet it didn't. But what it did was expose, yet again, that nothing happens on Wall Street that's stopped by federal regulators, unless there's a political motive behind it. Rule of law, we hardly knew ya. Madoff? Fine! MF? Totally cool! But when Client Number 9 starts to have some success in shutting down bad operations... They couldn't find Madoff's $50 billion, but they could trace one $5,000 transaction for a sweet hooker? Really, SEC? Really??" --Open Blogger @ Ace o' Spades

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