Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Two States Denied Obamacare Waivers

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Two States Denied Obamacare Waivers: Malkin
Billy Tauzin, Obamacare's $11.6 Million Dollar Man: Ace
Obama Sets Record for Political Travel: Dossier

Kagan must respect the law by recusing herself: Exam
Obama's Cloud-Based Transparency: Malkin
The Receding Democratic Majority?: WSJ

Cain Admits Paying Women: Tatler
A Parting Shot for Barney Frank: Primordial Slack
Is Bachmann Really Running For Mitt's VP Slot?: Ace


Employers Could Dump Sick Employees into Obamacare: WS
The Less-than-Thrilled Case for Extending the Payroll Tax Holiday: Cato
Blocking the Paths Out of Poverty: Stossel

Ending Income Inequality: Williams
Reality check for CBO's rosy projections: IBD
Rich Nations That Went Broke By Spending Too Much: Forbes

Gunrunner & Energygate

Sheriff Babeu: Obama and Holder Running For Cover On Fast and Furious; Holder Lashes Out: Nice Deb
RFK, Jr. Fails to Refute Key Details of His Sweetheart Deal from Taxpayers: BigGovt
ATF "Gunwalking" scandal timeline: Attkisson

Climate & Energy

The Recession Hits the Green Movement: Knish
U.N. Climate Conference's Goal? One-World Government: Schlafly
Climategate II: More Smoking Guns From The Global Warming Establishment: Forbes


Pitiful: Only 225 People Show Up for Free Tickets to Obama Event in PA: JWF
Three Things the GOP Field Can Learn from Herman Cain and One They Should Forget: Sundries
CNN Wins Drool Bucket Award: Eulogizes 'Titan' Barney Frank: NB

Found: Obama Reminiscing About Dear Old Pastor Jeremiah Wright: Nice Deb
Bill Ayers Talks About The Obama Fundraiser He Hosted (The One His Campaign Said Was a "Myth"): Ace
The 20 Most Influential Conservative Jewish Americans In Politics: RWN

NY Times Book Review Likens Tea Party to the Klan: Dossier
My video of Occupy Denver attempt to break into BlogCon11 removed by Youtube: ProWis
Obama has no room to complain about ad distortions: Gerson


Hague shakes his puny fist in the thirty years' invisible war: Phillips
Who Said Those Embassy-Storming Thugs in Tehran Were ‘Students’?: Rosett
It's 1979 All Over Again: GoV

White House Praises Turkey’s Islamist Government: WZ
Muhammad Hates Diversity: RWN
Newly Declassified Memo: Roosevelt Warned of Tokyo's Focus on Hawaii Days Before Pearl Harbor Attack: GWP

“We Have Lost the City”: Lawlessness Permeates Islamic District in Oslo: BigPeace
The Christians of Egypt, Part II: Totten
Muslims bomb Philippines hotel packed with wedding guests killing 3, injuring 27: Creeping


Fall Asleep Listening to Music on Your iPhone/iPod by Setting a Timer: VirtRep
Is Microsoft Running Out of Time for Tablets?: Yahoo!
On CNN, Former Secret Service Agent Shows How The Presidential Limo Helped Save Reagan’s Life: Mediate


Cynthia Carrnivorsaurus Unearthed from Sewers, Now Auditing Amuck Through City: Doswell
We have met our advocates, and they ARE us.: MOTUS
Responsible Mall Santa-ing in the Era of Hope & Change: Malkin

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