Monday, March 15, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Axelrod threatens GOP: 'Make my day'

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The 2,309-page Obamacare-Student Loan Burrito: Malkin
Axelrod threatens GOP: 'Make my day': York
Does the 'Shell' bill have any teeth?: Red State

Public Option: In; School Loans: In; Democracy: Out: RWN
Time for the Senate GOP to show some spine: Red State
What Democrats Do Best: BloodLib


The $3 trillion tax increase and other stories: Mish
The Coming Greek Debt Bubble: Baseline
It’s Déjà Voodoo Economics... All Over Again: Zero Hedge

They packed up and moved to Muskogee: Driscoll
No taxation with misrepresentation?: AT
Chart of the Day: Ace

Progressive Competition: Newsmark's Door
Pelosi and Marx on Freedom: AT
The $2 Trillion Public Pension Hole; How to Take Action: Mish

Climate & Energy

UK warming kids' propaganda banned: TAB


Ryan on what real health reform should look like: WaPo
The Legacy Media's War on Conservatives: Corner
One Afternoon in Washington: IowaHawk

Some of our finest hours: LegalIns
When will Hollywood learn -- just because they hate America does not mean we hate America?: GWP
Stonewalling the Sestak Bribe: Hindenblog

Happy-Ass Chart of the Day: Vodkapundit


Is the Gitmo Bar Pro-Islamist?: Corner
Terror Suspects Had Jobs at British Airways and … U.S. Nuclear Facilities: PJM
Zimbabwe's Redistribution of Wealth Reaches Its Logical Conclusion: Starvation: Gina Cobb

Obama's War on Israel: ShayneBlog
Mark Perry, Hezbollah Flunky, Writes Petraeus Hit Piece at Foreign Policy: AmPower
Hugo's Balloon Deflates: Times

What 600 Tons of Cocaine Bought: Fausta
The Attack on Netanyahu: AT
Shall We Also Go the Way of Europe?: Diogenes


Ex-TSA Employee Indicted For Tampering With Database Of Terrorist Suspects: Dark Reading
Injection Proof'd: DailyWTF


Today's Fashion Clash: SondraK
Reagan: the Foundation of Freedom: LegalIns
Attaboy: Wyoming fines Feds over gun rules: BlogProf

And da Big Fur Hat winner is...: Atlas
It's only the greatest commercial evah: Anchoress
After hiatus, Blonde goes back to work: NE Republican

Alert: Important. Do It: RWN


"I believe that the Easter Congressional Recess would be an excellent time to visit your Democrat representative, to have an open and candid conversation, to express your deep reservations over their party's extra-constitutional behavior, and to waterboard him or her." -- Papa B

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