Monday, March 29, 2010

"Senator" Al Franken (D-Acorn) flings spittle at Jason Mattera, legacy media curiously unresponsive

When questioned by Jason Mattera about certain features of DemCare, Al Franken lived up to his nickname. The Spiteful Troll responded to a simple question with the delightful, enlightening missive, "You have to shut up -- right now!"

Biff Spackle, using his patented SpackleMatic™ Image Enhancement Suite, analyzed Mattera's video and produced these shocking stills of Franken hocking a lugie at the author.

Although legacy media published roughly 24,000 stories alleging that Tea Party activists had spat upon Democrat representatives -- without evidence of any kind -- Spackle's calls to the Associated Press, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and Andy Rooney were not returned.

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Anonymous said...

Reminded me of the Seinfeld episode. Kramer spits on a baseball player. Flashback scenes riff off of the JFK assassination.