Sunday, March 21, 2010

Barney Frank on the Rule of Law

The toad-like Barney Frank weighed in this afternoon on the Capitol's raucous crowd as Democrats bribed, cajoled and threatened their caucus to vote for a government takeover of health care.

Rep Michael Turner (R-Ohio) walked by carrying a sign saying “I’m voting no!” Trent Franks, a Republican of Arizona and Pete Olson, a Republican of Texas, came down to thank the Tea Partiers for their support.

Inside the House chamber, a protester was ejected by Capitol Police after yelling from the House gallery.

Frank was visibly angry with his GOP colleagues, whom he believed goaded the protesters.

"Did you guys see the Republicans encouraging the disruption?" Frank left the House floor to tell about 15 reporters. "These clowns are out there encouraging violation of the law and making the job of the guys up there harder. It's really disgraceful."

This pathetic excuse for a legislator spits on the United States Constitution, claims to have granted "rights" by stealing the labor of others, and -- to top it off -- promotes the bankruptcy of the country by expanding entitlements at a time when we can least afford it?

And he's angry about a protester?

I'll tell you what I'm angry about. A man like Barney Frank who started his law-breaking days when he allowed a brothel to operate out of his condo and never paid a price. A man who is culminating his career with the destruction of the American experiment, changing forever the relationship between the individual and government. Citizens of Massachusetts: you could select a representative by throwing a dart at a phone book and do significantly better than this disgraceful troll.

Update: Attorneys general launch lawsuit backlash against Demcare.

Update II: Eight Health Care Charts That Depict the Utter Cruelty of DemCare.


NeoKong said...

I could scrape something off my shoe and it would be a better human being and or a U.S. rep than Barney Frank.
What an embarrassment.

Dave B said...

Barney Frank represents an area in Massachusetts that overwhelmingly voted for Scott Brown ie: against the bill. In my town and surrounding towns we voted over 70%for Brown. We feel like we've been kicked in the teeth by the guy that was supposed to represent us. Keep in mind WE ALREADY have a form of this. That means there was absolutely NO reason to vote for it against our wishes. He's a disgrace and I pray his arrogance is repaid tenfold.

Anonymous said...

Frank sucks as a "representative", he has an annoying habit of always speaking condenscendingly to interviewers & always leaves me with the impression of believing himself to be better & smarter than the people he represents. IMO he really is a rather accurate depiction of the pig at the peoples' trough. he is arrogrant & needs to be voted OUT.......he could stand a good lesson is humility & yes is a colossial embarrassment as a "representative"

Anonymous said...

Ha Ho Barney Frank has got to go!

Anonymous said...

Barney was equally incensed when Code Stink disrupted proceedings and even went so far as to splash fake blood on the Secretary Of State. I'm sure I remember Barney's outrage then too? Anybody? Buehler?