Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Key Democrat blogger tells us how to direct fire

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Key Democrat blogger tells us how to direct fire: Hewitt
Ryan: this entire process has been a disgrace: Hot Air
Obama Comes to Ohio (Again), Nobody Shows Up: Corner

Liveblogging the Wreckonciliation Mark-up: Malkin
Think Washington is partisan now?: Exam
Dems abusing the Process and the Constitution: Riehl

'We aren't governing, we're greasing the skids': RWN
Hiding Holder's True Intentions: Strata-Sphere
Deep-sixing the Filibuster: Times


Social Security starts cashing in US debt: Hot Air
US receives warnings of losing its AAA credit rating: Green Room
Cuomo, mortgage meltdown and a shady tycoon: PJM

Keynesian Economics and Godwin’s Law: Vodkapundit
Soros' Deal: AT

Climate & Energy

Because We Say So, That’s Why!!!: CBullitt


Recognize this photo? Some professional journalists don't.: NewEd
The Plague of Locusts Presidency: American Digest
Is the Jewish love affair with the Democratic Party about to end?: Simon

Five Offensive Attacks on Republican Women: BigGovt
Leonard Pitts: don't give into GOP fear-mongering or you will all die!: BlogProf
NYT: Millions spent to sway... Democrats?: RWN

MSM, gone fishing while U.S. bond rating sinks: BigJournalism
Cleveland Public Schools get a mention on Big Government: HillBuzz


The Supreme Leader Tries to Put Out the Fire: Ledeen
Behind Obama's Dangerous Overreaction on Israel: Daily News
100 million 'missing' girls: Jacoby

Obama instigates Hamas; 'Day of Rage' announced in Jerusalem: GWP
Is Boxer boxed in by Obama?: Kesler
Christianity winning converts over Islam: Kesler

Might we juxtapose a moment?: Wizbang
Child marriage still a problem in Saudi Arabia: 7th Rangers (Mech)


Forever Young: Reprogramming the Cellular Clock: PJM
Twitter CEO unveils '@Anywhere' platform: CNet


Is this an Easter Miracle?: Mirror
My Stomach is Rielle-ing. Edwards Sex Tape Exists: RWN
Nancy Pelosi' Lunch: Parkway Rest Stop

Image Credit: Nate Beeler, Washington Examiner.

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