Monday, March 15, 2010

Fourteen Months of Hell: A Brief, Illustrated History of the Ill-Fated Democrat Health Care Nationalization Efforts of 2009-10

Possessing a treasure trove of political capital -- and fresh from narrow legislative victories over Republicans in passing a Stimulus program; an Omnibus spending bill; auto company takeovers; housing recovery programs and cap-and-trade -- Democrats decided it was time to target the health care industry.

Their goal -- using accounting gimmickry, outright fabrications and straw villains (doctors who do too many amputations, health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, etc.) -- convince the public that a government takeover of the entire health system would result in higher quality and lower costs while insuring between 30 and 50 million more individuals.

The people rebelled. They said hell, no.

Democrats kowtowed to the SEIU and the trial lawyers while shutting Republican ideas completely out of the discussion.

During the August recess of 2009, Democrats either avoided town hall meetings altogether or faced a barrage of criticism from concerned citizens. Democrats ignored their constituents, preferring the tender mercies of their caucus leaders.

The people rebelled. They said hell, no.

Democrats labeled us Nazis, and racists, and obscene names galore, though people of every race, religion, creed and color had joined us.

Democrats even dispatched their brown shirts: SEIU and ACORN thugs to shout down -- and beat down -- ordinary American citizens.

Obama and a compliant legacy media decided their message wasn't clear: more speeches, more network specials, more vilification of doctors, insurers and pharma companies.

The people rebelled. They said hell, no.

Democrats accused Republicans of being the "Party of No" (intentionally ignoring the obscurely named website)... of being obstructionists (though Republicans did not have the numbers to block anything).

But in the purple state of Virginia -- which had been trending Democrat -- the citizenry swept the board, erasing Democrats in every key race and voting in a new, conservative governor.

And in the deep blue state of New Jersey, and against all odds, a landslide prevented the theft of another election by ACORN's voter registration-and-absentee ballot scams. And a fiscally conservative Republican governor was elected.

The people rebelled. They said hell, no.

Democrats plowed ahead with a Senate health care overhaul anyhow. Using armtwisting and outright bribery -- the Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback, and other outrageous payoffs -- the Senate was finally able to pass a bill by a single vote. On December 24th, when most Americans were traveling, or celebrating Christmas, or thinking of their loved ones, Democrats were passing one of the sleaziest bills in history on purely partisan lines.

In the bluest of blue states, the people spoke. They elected Scott Brown, a fiscally conservative Republican to the Senate, to occupy the so-called "Kennedy Seat". He ran on a platform that included an explicit promise to stop Obamacare in its tracks.

The people rebelled. They said hell, no.

Then Democrats plotted to delay the seating of Scott Brown in order to get their bill passed.

Once this diabolical tactic was exposed, they denied they'd ever have thought of such a thing.

And at his State of the Union address, the President publicly rebuked the Supreme Court for upholding the rights of any corporation (not just media companies) to free speech.

Democrats surrounded the Justices, spittle flying from their lips onto black robes, as they screamed their approval of the President's divisive words.

With 60 votes out of the question and 216 questionable at best, Democrats decided to break Congressional rules and jam a bill using a controversial "reconciliation" process -- by claiming that nationalizing one-sixth of the economy was a "budgetary" matter.

The people rebelled. They said hell, no.

Now the questionable 216 Democrats were wavering; the possibility of the House passing the Senate bill had faded.

So Democrats invented a novel -- and completely unconstitutional -- method of passing the Senate bill. They would use the "Slaughter Solution", a procedural ruling that would 'deem' that the House had passed the Senate bill, when in fact it never had. Put simply, the House would pretend that they'd voted on the bill, but never truly vote on it, presumably to spare their members the stain of supporting such a disastrous piece of legislation.

Tomorrow, in the Capitol Building, the people say again: No. This is the people's house. And we say: a thousand times: no. A trillion times: no.

Where are the Democrats of courage who will stand up to this despicable charade and say hell, no?

If the Republic is to survive, we must crush this despotic scheme.

We must say, hell, no, now and forever. And these petty bureaucrats, these would-be oligarchs, who have forgotten that the Constitution exists (or never read it in the first place) must be reminded of the highest law in the land.

That which is unconstitutional must be treated as a cancer and surgically removed. Those who advocate this dangerous and destructive lawlessness must be removed from office and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Inspired by: If you try the Slaughter Rule, you will lose the country. Not in November. In March. (by E Pluribus Unum).

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The_Bad said...

“Where are the Democrats of courage who will stand up to this despicable charade and say hell, no?”

At best, they are shivering in their skivvies. Should they oppose the progressives in charge, they will be ostracized from the party and perhaps have their indiscretions exposed by their own party as retribution.

At worst, those democrats died with JFK.