Friday, March 26, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: 2010, a Race Odyssey

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2010: a Race Odyssey: BigGovt
As Predictable as the Sun Rising: Hanson
No Limits on Federal Power: AT

Engineering the New Electorate: AT
Where's the White House bribery investigation?: RWN
The Individual Mandate Farce: Verum Serum


Manufacturers take deep hits from Demcare: Hot Air
Andy Stern wants your pension: RWN
The Real ObamaCare Fraud: PJM

Baucus: 'The Mal-Distribution of Income in America': GWP
Oh, My: You won't be able to keep your plan: Ace
The Weatherization Boondoggle: AT

Er, about those subsidized premiums...: Virtuous
New Hope for American Doctors: RWN
Cartoon characters picket MEA: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

Alpha Proxima Day–Smoke Em If You Got Em: CBullitt


How the Left Fakes the Hate -- a Primer: Malkin
Obama's Current Media Strategy: Riehl
Rachel Maddow Incites Violence: RWN

Obama nominates traitorous NYT lawyer who disclosed classified intel: WZ
Obama inspires black politicians to seek office — as Republican candidates: DC
NPR: All Things Considered ... Except Evidence — and Scholarship.: PJM

Obamacare Support Plunging So Fast You’d Think a Kennedy Was at the Helm: Powers
25 best conservative columns of 2009: RWN
AEI fires Frum?: Hot Air


Report: Obama humiliated Netanyahu at the White House: Hot Air
Warthog: Yon
Castro: Great Job On Health Care, Obama!: Ace

Sovereign Danger: IBD
FBI investigates "final call to Islam" emails sent to lawmakers: Jawa
Harvest of Hate-mongering: TAB


Detecting suspicious account activity: Gmail Blog
Ford's New Police Interceptor: Ace


Hot Tub Time Machine: a Comeduy Full of Soul: PJM
Israeli TV ad inspired by Dubai killing: Maktoob
The parable of the satellite dish: Doc Zero

Goodbye to the Way We Were: AmDigest

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