Saturday, March 20, 2010

RED ALERT: Obama Will Sign Senate Bill First; House Democrats Be Warned - Your 'Fixes' Will Likely Never See the Light of Day

11:46am ET: A stark admission was just made in the Rules Committee. President Obama will sign a Senate Bill that was "deemed passed" in the House, but has never been voted on. The House fixes will likely be picked apart and destroyed, one by one, in the Senate during this outrageous abuse of the reconciliation process.

As an aside, the idiotic Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA) just said that using the Slaughter Rule Is "like buying a house on contingency and you find it has a leaky roof".

Update: Mark Levin on Cavuto -- this has never been done before.

Update II: Michelle Malkin: Reports: Deem and Pass is dead; keep the no-mentum going.


Mike aka Proof said...

Anyone who votes for a law with the hope that it will be "fixed later" is too stupid and or gullible to represent the people of the United States For that reason alone they should be voted out of office.

Terry said...

Let the pilaging of America begin...

Unknown said...

reports that Dems are sending uninsured poor with terminal diseases to GOP offcies

dems plan to lose vote & make political points by having uninsured die on TV in GOP offices

Unknown said...

health care - dying homeless people showing up at GOP offices - drudge 3 minutes ago via Twitterfall

The USA Health care voting process has started. C-Span Live Coverage of Healthcare Reconciliation Bill: 3 minutes ago via web

liberal media has been filming poor, uninsured aids patients outside of GOP offices - plan media blitz 23 minutes ago via web

look out for dem/socialist plot - deliberately losing HC vote 24 minutes ago via web

rham is planning ambush of GOP reps - aids & cancer uninsured homless sent to die in GOP offices 24 minutes ago via web