Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Free Will and Destiny

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Free Will and Destiny: Eject
In Defeat, Defiance: AT
Paul Ryan not ready to give up on Demcare: NRO

A Strong Dose of Reality: Villainous
It Begins; Woolsey Introduces Public Option: Nice Deb
Liberty's Activists vs. ObamaCare: PJM

Philadelphia descends into anarchy: RWN
Hell, No: RedState
Holder Senate testimony postponed: York


Dissembling, Death and Deficits: AT
Supply and Demand: It Dooms ObamaCare: PJM
Inside the Pelosi Sausage Factory: Strassel

Yep: Illegals Do Not Have to Buy Health Insurance: Patterico
Brad Friedman’s Lies Fail to Save ACORN: Patterico
How Obamacare hits industry and threatens jobs: WashExam

Climate & Energy

Snazzy Data: Power Line


Will Ann Coulter Survive Canada?: RWN
America Hangs by a Thread: EIB
Sarah Palin: Health Care Debate Is Between Socialism and Those Who Love America: GWP

Sunday's Socialist Triumph: Blankley
'Let Them Know Fear': Eternity Road
Betrayed, Part the Second: GM's Place

A Campaign Begins Today: Romney
How NY Times Coverage Buries Middle East Reality: BRubin
Liars and Wimps: NCTPR


American Tyranny: Ledeen
Netanyahu: Jerusalem Ain't a Settlement: GWP
German Poker Heist Masterminded by Arabs: Jawa

Iran Continues Proxy War on America: Verum Serum
Al-Azhar head calls for religious TV ban: Maktoob
If the Soviets had run Pravda like this, we'd all be communists now: Jawa


Virgin spacecraft makes maiden voyage: CNet
Palm's new price target: $0: Fortune


Dear Mr. Franklin...: iOTW
Michelle Obama: FLOTUS, Over-Achiever, Organic Gardener, Fashion Icon and Role Model: Mirror
Hope and Change, Fulfilled: TNOYF


"This was rammed down the throats of the American people with as much cynicism, trickery, deliberate obfuscation, and budgetary tomfoolery as has ever been seen for a major piece of legislation in the history of the republic." -- Rick Moran

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