Monday, March 22, 2010

A Three-Pronged War Against Statism

Conservative Republicans must have an agenda beyond repeal. I hope I'm not out of line here, but I believe the time for civility is over. It is time for outright political warfare. Democrats have crossed the line.

The targets, in order of highest priority to lowest, are as follows.

1. War against the Democrat Party itself: in its every incarnation, the Democrat Party has become the tool of Marxists, Gore-ian ecostatists, Soros one-worlders, outright Communists, and a cadre of useful idiots, the Bush-haters.

In Congress, Republicans must block everything. They must use every procedural maneuver possible, filibuster everything, add amendments, motion to recommit, stall endlessly, block any and all activity in Congress. Call a strike. Democrats deserve nothing less for their desecration of our Constitution and our Declaration.

In states and municipalities, Republicans must target public sector unions, which donated hundreds of millions to Democrats in 2008. The unions are in the process of killing themselves, what with their outsized and unsustainable pensions and benefits. Let's just speed up the process. Every public sector union must be targeted and smashed using the playbook of Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman.

2. War Against the Legacy Media: Barack Obama owes his election, in large part, to a compliant and useless state-run media complex. A week-long series detailing Barack Obama's bizarre background in The New York Times would have ended his campaign.

Instead, most Americans never became aware of Obama's mentor, Communist Frank Marshall Davis. Or of his pseudonym at an Indonesian school: Barry Soetero. Of of his work with -- and lies about -- the criminal front group ACORN. Of his membership in the Democrat Socialists of America. Of his role in the mortgage meltdown as a litigator for ACORN against Citibank. Of his odd relationships with disgraced slumlord Tony Rezko, terrorist Bill Ayers, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Governor Rod Blagojevich and Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. Of his work with the Arab-American Action Network's Ed Said, and Hamas-supporter-slash-close personal friend Jeremiah Wright.

Had the media been doing its job and outlined Obama's background, we would not be in the position of watching the country's balance sheet implode.

Thus my recommendation is to simply boycott the Old Gray Lady. If you subscribe to the print edition, cancel it. I know the Sunday Times is iconic. I don't care. Cancel it. And if you have a blog, don't link to the Times. Find the equivalent news article elsewhere. If you're a reader of the electronic edition, kill the RSS feed and stop visiting.

The Times is the bellwether of state-run media. It's close to collapse anyhow. Let's hasten the joyous day when its entire staff consists of Paul Krugman, Maureen Dowd and Pinchy.

3. Against Unprincipled Republicans - The "Gang of 14" included Lindsey "Goober" Graham and John McCain; they allowed Democrats to use yet another of their unprecedented tactics: filibustering judicial nominees, which -- true to their incessant use of identity politics -- they used to block Hispanics from high court positions. Unconstitutionally, I might add.

We must primary these unprincipled moderates who stand for nothing. We must take a stand and support conservative Republicans like Marco Rubio, J.D. Hayworth and Chuck DeVore, all of whom believe in the Constitution and can speak eloquently about their beliefs in the founding principles.

Democrats have crossed a line by spitting on, then burning, the Constitution. If the founders had wanted a giant, endlessly growing, centralized federal government to control the size of your toilets, regulate the air you breathe, or force you to buy health insurance, they would have empowered the government to do so.

They didn't. And everyone knows it. The Democrat Party must be smashed politically and left as a footnote to history, just behind the Whigs in importance.


DHarman said...

I'm afraid there are folks out there that are taking "war" literally. I have had many people expressing the need to take up arms against the 800lb gorrilla. Hope it doesn't come to it, but, I'll fight for the Constitution

Anonymous said...

agree completely. the gloves come off. the democratic party must be attacked directly as the biggest threat to this nation. and when Republicans takeover it will be kick ass time. strong arm tactics, reconcilation, any and all legislative moves are on the table. no reaching out across the aisle, no bipartisanship, nothing. we need to repeal all this crap.

Mark Harvey said...

"...the time for civility is over..."
AMEN brother!

Pat Dollard, myself and Crew are working on "an issue" and would like to talk to you about it. You have my email.

The_Bad said...

Consider a fourth prong. The media wing of the democrat party would not exist as it does today if not for the indocrination wing of the democrat party. As long as they hold the universities, they hold the key to the gate of journalism.

Bubba said...

The NY Times is not the only entity of the MSM that richly deserves punishment.
If you have cable or satellite TV, call and demand that your service package be changed. They will not do it. Then cancel your subscription and make sure they enter your reasons into their records.
I cancelled ours on November 6, 2008. Trust me, you wont miss it. Life without TV is so much more productive.

VAGAL for Palin said...

Excellent post. I wholeheartedly agree and will send this to everyone I know. We must ramp up our efforts to "defeat these bastards" (a la Rush)and secure our Constitutional freedoms which are being threatened by this regime.

Anonymous said...

The Bad almost got it-it's not the universities though, it's K-12 and GDCS teacher's unions-they get our kids with virtually empty heads and fill them full of Zinn, Gore and collectivism while they call our Founders dead white slave owners.

A young man, taught the truth about our country, taught to think for himself, would laugh assholes like Ward Churchill out of the classroom.

In a word, if you really want to turn this country around-vouchers

Soccer Dad said...

It is kind of funny that you write that if the NYT had featured a weeklong expose on Barack Obama's background it would have sunk his candidacy. It might have or might not.

I point this out because Rolling Stone had an excellent article, The Radical Roots of Barack Obama. Of course it was less an expose than a boast. (Though Rolling Stone was a wee bit self-conscious about the article.)

So the question really is how the Times would have framed it. Remember that the Times's audience is only slightly more moderate than Rolling Stone's.

directorblue said...

Soccer Dad:

The AP, WaPo, MSNBC, and thousands of other legacy outlets take their cue from the Gray Lady.

None of them rely upon the Rolling Stone to set the agenda!


Anonymous said...

I am from Arizona and am thoroughly unimpressed with McCain's generally limp tepid actions. He speaks tough and carries a pillow (for biting).

I am not a big Hayworth fan but I highly doubt a Progressive Socialist will win either.