Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Government Within a Government

By Victor the Contractor

This Administration and the Congress who cloy before President Oabama are a stain upon the soul of the nation. Indelicately put, but inescapably true.

I am moved to nausea as I consider the policies this Government is pursuing. The demeaning gloating makes it all the more distasteful to me. If we're lucky there will be a Great Depression to 'wipe the slate clean' and we can start over. I just don't see how winning a few seats in November will change things substantially.

We need a sweep of both Houses of Congress and subsequent impeachment proceedings. It is that simple. The President has failed miserably to uphold the Constitution. He has, in fact, labored to subvert and defame it in his speeches, actions, and legislative agenda. President Obama is part of a fifth column, if you will: an organization of traitors who are trying to dismantle our economy one industry at a time.

Their ideals are not those of patriots: they are the ideals of narcissists who believe that everyone will dance to their tune based on a collective cult of personality. The ability of President Obama to give a scripted speech does not give him the right to unlawfully alter our form of government.

Similarly, the allure of a society where all are provided for equally discounts the reality of competition ingrained in mankind. The immutable fact of nature is that some will rise and many will fall, even when given a 'level' playing field. Most see the truth that hiring incentives and minority quotas in the workplace have resulted in a jaded workforce that often sees the promotion of the unqualified to a level that renders them incompetent. The dream of Shangri-La evaporates when exposed to the piercing sunlight of human ambition and personal industry.

Such extensive delusion is, unfortunately, contagious to a populace who thirsts to be provided for and comforted in their want of largess. We have a citizenry who have no living memory of totalitarianism in its harshest forms and has been lulled into a false sense of obligation to the rest of the world.

But the better part of the world tolerates unjust tyrannies that openly rob the people of their productivity to support those who do not produce a thing. And so we are taught to feel guilty about being members of a successful country and are then coerced to feed, clothe and shelter a world of failing economies. And by failing economies I mean a debt-sodden European Union, perennially war-torn Africa and an Asia still trying, in varying degrees, to emerge from a Colonial stupor and enter the fray of economic modernism.

The 1.5% growth that the EU 'enjoys' can not be called success on any level given its debt obligations. Most countries in Africa possess non-existent economies, dominated by clans who reinforce their military juntas from the back of pickup trucks. Most of Asia and South America seem to be barely concealed dictatorships running roughshod over duly elected representatives who either rubber stamp or passively tolerate overt socialist agendas.

But growth of 2.5% or more is required to replace infrastructure and provide jobs for a growing pool of the educated -- and most countries never achieve that mark.

But our President, his advisers, and a cloyingly obnoxious Congress are spreading and marketing a hatred for American exceptionalism and the free market. They call capitalism a failed paradigm that can logically be succeeded by a socialist model which suppresses individuality and unction while it encourages sloth and conformism.

President Obama is attacking our way of life, our moral tenets and our raison d'être! Pardon the French. But our reason for being -- America's core! -- is to maintain and advance freedom and defy the same forms of tyranny that socialists espouse and which they try to teach our children in our schools.

I believe this administration and this Congress are attempting nothing less than an end-run on the Constitution; what else could you call the federal government swallowing up as many industries as possible before the midterm elections?

With more than 50% of the economy under its control or outright owned by illegal buyouts in the financial, automotive and now the health care sectors, the administration has formed a government within a government. President Obama is putting on a show, with the trappings of a democracy but the substance of a dictatorship with a capitol 'D'.

One fine example of this twisted ideology is the 'decision' by GM to start importing the Renault 500 model while rebadging them for sale in the United States. Thus, take a car that could not possibly survive the NHTSA crash tests and market it as a new 'Green Machine." This Parmesan grater is so small that you have to drive with your arms out the windows (one does need the tiniest bit of humor to avoid tearing up from time to time, but I digress).

We have a government so out of control that it has become a danger to its citizens. President Obama has already overstepped the lawful boundaries clearly delineated by the United States Constitution and should be impeached. His close ties to Acorn and other obviously subversive political organs require investigation at the very least.

Additionally, Congress, especially Nancy Pelosi and her Senate counterpart, Harry Reid, have so abrogated their responsibilities that there is a pressing need to investigate their bizarre activities. Consider the financial and political circumstances that led to the climate of secrecy, special exemptions, political favors and promised jobs they used to get their horrible piece of legislation passed.

For if we still have a representative Government, then we have the right, no, the obligation, to call for an accounting when our elected officials act in such an immoral and arrogant fashion. When leaders in our midst become senile, morally compromised or otherwise unable to perform their functions it is incumbent upon us, the citizenry, to recall them and install saner, wiser persons who are able to perform as promised.

As November nears we are called upon to prepare. To prepare to field candidates who can meet the responsibilities of leadership and follow their oaths to uphold the Constitution. To prepare to debate and expose those who denigrate our way of life, our belief in hard work and our faith in American exceptionalism. And to prepare to resurrect the country from the malaise that the relativists have levied upon our society, our collective outlook and even our children.

For my America is a land not or of promises but of promise. My America is a country that prevails, not is prevailed against. My America is a reprieve for all who seek opportunity and flee tyranny. The ideals we hold dear are the values that built this nation and made it a welcoming light in a dark world, the model to be emulated, the haven for the tired and for the poor to rebuild their lives. Not to disable ambition, but to enable the spirit, through hard work and vigor, to achieve and attain all of the blessings that this wonderful nation offers. For it is through honest endeavor and forthrightness that we shine as a beacon that none can dim and none can extinguish.

Now let us go to work. Let us share the concerns we have with an open heart and discerning spirit. Let us meet and decide that which is dear to us and that which is beneath us. Let us choose new leaders from among us who will resist temptation and shine a light on the dark actions of the ignoble in Congress. Leaders who share our vision, our ideals and vigilance so that our generation will never again have to go to Washington to clean out the moral refuse who have squatted there, in our house.

This great country of ours requires upkeep from time to time, and a cleaning of the machinery of Democracy is needed when it is gummed up by the muck of greedy men and covetous women.

Let us start now!

Victor The Contractor

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