Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Introducing Another Startling Innovation from Ross Industries: the 'Fire Nancy Pelosi' Word Widget™

You've got to admit this idea's gold, Jerry -- gold. I just created a Word Widget™, which provides a graphic link to the popular FireNancyPelosi website.

If you have a blog, just post the HTML (below) into your article whenever you use the term . You can use it multiple times in a row, like this: . Thus, with minimal effort, you'll provide needed link-love to a worthy site and maybe help generate some cash for the cause.

Here's the HTML:

You can thank me later.


The_Bad said...

Oh, I think I will thank you now. That rocks.

Nice Deb said...

I guess I'll take down the Rush Limbaugh call congress widget, now, and replace it with that.


Whitehall said...

While replacing her as Speaker of the House is definitely do-able, replacing her from her seat in San Francisco will be much more difficult. She is well-gerrymanded with a district that includes some of the wealthest people in the country (Pacific Heights - as in the Getty's, and Nob Hill) and public housing in Hunter's Point.

One could hope but pouring resources into that race would not be wise. The money would be better spent in districts where Republicans have a better chance.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest a new project. For lack of a better name, lets call it the "Monkey Wrench Project". The actions are simple, get every type of Obamacare paperwork you can find and fill in phony (or with your favorite politicians) data and send it in. A few million people sending in 20 or 30 fake forms each will sludge up the system but good.

Mohan said...

We cannot simply brush away by saying the building was old and did not have the present safety norms. After all each building, big or small in size, pay their annual taxes.