Thursday, March 18, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: They aren't empowered to do violence to our Constitution

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They aren't empowered to do violence to our Constitution: Malkin
GOP to force vote on Slaughter Rule: HE
Obamacare is Tyranny, Not Legislation: AT

Whip Count, 3-17-10: Ace
Obama, Pelosi on a money-grubbing mission: Malkin
Why the Slaughter Rule Must Be Unconstitutional: RedState

Will Obamacare Lead To A New 'Anti-Fascist' Coalition?: LegalIns
Top Rules Republican: We Must Stop It: CNS


The Green Money Machine: AT
No New Medicaid Patients Accepted: Kesler
Economists blast Pelosi's job creation claims: Exam

Did Cali's Votes Get Bought With Water?: Wizbang
Obama's Trade Policy Agenda: America's First Five Year Plan: AT
No reason for economic optimism: AT

Climate & Energy

Today’s Global Warming Fear-Mongering Is Tomorrow’s Late-Night Camp TV: Driscoll
The Warmers Strike Back: Williams


Shhh... Clinton-appointed Judge Impeached: RWN
New Poll: Americans Despise Obamacare: PJM
Michael McConnell Butchers the Slaughter Rule: RSM

Stop Kicking in Our Doors!: Tapscott
AP: Healthcare premiums to rise under ObamaCare: Fausta
Email from Democrat Roy Herron: InstaPundit

The Left Turning Western Civilization into Alice’s Wonderland: RWN
Obama not too busy to fill out NCAA brackets: JWF


Israel's New Enemy: America: Thomas
Obama has achieved the impossible in the Middle East: AT
Muslims Slaughter 12 More Christians in Nigeria and Cut Out Their Tongues: GWP

Shock: Border Fence Isn't Being Built: RWN
Slaughter on the Southern Border: Malkin
Great Moments in Somali Pirate History: Ace

Wag the Dog? U.S Preparing to Strike Iran: TAB
Netanyahu's Brother-in-Law: Obama an Anti-Semite: JWF
Cuba's Unknown Dissidents: PJM


Google TV Should Finally Push Apple TV Beyond A “Hobby”: TechCrunch
A Puzzle: Denny


Senate Performs Budget Abortion on Planned Parenthood without Explaining Alternatives: Doswell
Got to get me one of these: iOTW
“Klingon Kickback”: Kucinich To Support Health Care Bill: TNOYF

“Ride The Silky Pony”– Edwards/Hunter Video Packaging: TNOYF
They're Not Just Knocking on the Door: Wizbang

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