Monday, March 29, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: A Word to the Weary

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A Word to the Weary: Doc Zero
Reid Supporters Threaten Violence Against Breitbart: Founding
Showdown in Searchlight: LATL

But is that a bug? Or a feature?: RWN
On Politics, Vandalism and Violence: Denninger
Big Brother Becomes Big Bully: AT

As Christie Shakes Up NJ, Watch This Fight: Riehl


Poor Demand For US Treasury Bills Because of Obamacare: YWL
Another mandate DemCare passage uncovered: Hot Air
The gap in public vs. private pay keeps growing...: Marathon

ObamaCare's CLASS Failure: Kesler
Sucking the blood of the ambitious: AT
New NLRB head: no punishment for hiring illegals: Breitbart

State tax collections confirm: economy devastated: Virtuous
Capping Insurance Rates: Engineered Chaos: AT

Climate & Energy

But It$ for the Children: CBullitt
UK wind-farms: FAIL: BlogProf


Protesting ObamaCare: What Really Happened on March 20?: PJM
The Supreme Court and FDR's Power Grab: AT
Media gets the memo: gang up on Israel: PJM

Winning elections is great, but...: RWN
Seattle Times: Washington Attorney General has solid case to challenge ObamaCare: Wizbang


Islamist Gülen Movement Runs U.S. Charter Schools: AT
What If Palestinians Were Settlers?: LegalIns
Has the Obama Administration, Against U.S. Interests, Declared Diplomatic War on Israel?: BRubin

Two Blasts Kill At Least 41 on Moscow’s Subway System During Rush Hour: Malkin
Two Chinas, One Value: RWN
President Obama's Priorities: Human Rights Be Damned: Bayefsky

Just like Bush: a Surprise Visit to Afghanistan: AmPower
Different Presidents, Different CorPs: YouTube
Surprise! NHS denies surgeries to cut custs: TAB


Sanity! California scraps moonbat 'cool cars' regulation: BlogProf
English Shellcode (PDF): Johns Hopkins


Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners
Hitler finds out Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock: Denny

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