Thursday, March 25, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: While you were sleeping - Vampire Congress strikes again

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While you were sleeping: Vampire Congress strikes again: Malkin
An Open Letter to Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: Simon
May we call Obama a socialist now?: RWN

Controlling the masses through the IRS: Strata-Sphere
Hoyer hears a who!: Riehl
ObamaCare: Why Civil Disobedience Should Be Rejected: Riehl

So this is what change looks like: McKotter
SEIU Renews Attack on Its $94M Creditor: BigGovt
Winning the lottery, then losing everything: HillBuzz


Downsizing America's Economy: AT
Health care bill is a small business killer: Strata-Sphere
Taxpayer-funded Viagra for sex offenders: R&R

Is the tax power infinite?: Volokh
ObamaCare and Small Business: Hot Air
The Demcare control freaks are partying hard: Malkin

Climate & Energy

Moonbat Tech: GM’s Car of the Future: RWN
Is Anthropogenic Global Warming the New Intelligent Design?: PJM


Nov. 2010 may be 'the point of no return': Sowell
Stupak: But for Wales: StateBrief
Andi Sullivan can see past his nose: DPU

Kevin Jackson destroys MSNBC Race-Baiter David Shuster: GWP
ObamaCare: Repeal, Replace, Rinse, Repeat: Moran
Liberals Value Good Intentions Above Both Truth and Outcomes: RWN

Separate And Unequal...A Study In Collectivist Practice: Hindenblog
Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis: AT (Simpson - 9/28/2008)
The Last Time Democrats Controlled Everything Domination And Control Was A Priority, Too: RWN


The "Israel Endangers U.S. Troops" Meme Grows: LegalIns
San Francisco “Anti-War” Rally: The New Communist/Truth/Jihad Alliance: Zombie
The West Continues To Enable The Arabs in Their War Against The Jews: Grobman

Juan Cole: The Ted Williams of Middle East Studies?: AT


Pwn2Own 2010: iPhone hacked, SMS database hijacked: ZDNet
Dear AT&T, I Want Your 3G MicroCell! For Free.: TechCrunch
iPhone, Safari, IE 8, Firefox hacked in CanSecWest contest: CNet


The Book of Barack: Style Weekly
We now have an answer to that age-old question: Exurban
iOwnTheWorld Contest: iOTW

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