Sunday, March 21, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: A Historic Vote on Health Destruction

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A Historic Vote on Health Destruction: RWN
Wreckonciliation Sunday: Today's House Schedule: Malkin
List of Investigations: when the GOP retakes power: RedState

Olga's Story: Patterico
'We make 'em up as we go along': Instapundit
Process is Liberty: AT

Huh? First they deem it, then they reconcile it?: RWN
Now let's move on to amnesty for illegals!: Hanson


Intended Consequences: Protein Wisdom
The Real Reason We Hate Universal Health Care: Zombie
When will Obama learn it's not 1931 anymore?: Times

Job Insecticide: Caterpillars and Job-Killers: Cold Fury
Get Ready for Health Insurance Slumlords: PJM
Michelle's Dress Designer Closes Doors: Powers

AFL-CIO getting federal dollars to support HCR?: RedState
Assuming the worst, how is it Constitutional for Leftists to force anyone to buy anything?: HillBuzz

Climate & Energy

More Colossal Scaremongering Hubris From Sci Am: CBullitt (Language warning)


Media Lying About Racist Attacks on Black Reps By Tea Party Protesters… VIDEO PROOF: GWP
Hey, House Members: How You Like Me Now?: Ace
Notes from a liberal friend: Wizbang

Daily Kos in full-on pants-wetting meltdown over “Motions to Recommit”: HillBuzz
Tens of Thousands Protest ObamaCare in D.C., Legacy Media Unimpressed: PJM
CBS called you a 'tea-bagger'. Are you good with that?: Sundries

Reclaiming the American Spirit: MNR
Top Ten Differences Between Thomas Edison and Alcee Hastings: Cold Fury
Romney in the O.C.: AmPower


Obama Bludgeons Israel Into Releasing Palestinian Terrorists, Easing Up On Hamas: Mere Rhetoric
Trying to help out Nancy Pelosi, North Korea celebrates socialist health care: Sipsey
Other Than Apartments in Jerusalem, What Else is Going on in the Middle East?: BRubin

The Demonization of Israel Continues: Wizbang
The CAIR Observatory: GoV
Russians Rally Against Economic Policy: S&L


Finally…Star Trek Style Force Fields on the Way: Verum Serum
Fresh Hot-Popped Soy Nuts?: iOTW
Neofonie announces WePad 11.6-inch Android slate: Engadget


In Observance of National Meatout Day: Powers
AOTW 3-19-2010: Denny

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