Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: 'The Way To Tyranny By The Central Government'

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I suppose one could interpret the health care bill as "Pelosi's historic achievement," as the media has been insisting, but that would also mean that an unpopular President and a more unpopular Congress and a most unpopular Speaker together railroaded through an unpopular, sweeping piece of legislation without a single opposition vote, and through the sort of tawdry legislative bribery and procedural gimmicks we haven't seen since the 19th century. So the bill is historic mostly in the minds of the D.C.–New York liberal punditocracy and Democratic stalwarts, for about another seven months, before the people weigh in themselves.

I don't think by year's end too many will call the bill historic; and when the opposition eventually takes over the Congress (and it always does), and its zealots begin to ram through radical, partisan changes, in the manner of Pelosi's precedent, "historic" will be the last adjective we used to look back on March 21 and the role of the Speaker. The means live on; the ends are ephemeral — and Pelosi's conduct tarnished the Congress and will unleash a no-holds-barred reaction when she is out of power that will make historians think very carefully about the real lasting wages of her most unpopular tenure.

      -- Victor Davis Hanson

Bonus QOTD: "Bart Stupak just aborted the Constitution." -- Me. Just now.

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juandos said...

Just finished reading the Obama's pyrrhic victory on health care

Mind you I'm big fan of the Washington Examiner but this may not be so phyrric a victory after all...

In November the House needs to be RE-staffed by 290 constitutional conservates at a minimum...

In the Senate there needs to be a turnover of at least 30 seats to constitutional conservatives to overturn this medical sector monstrosity...

In the mean time consider what type of parasite Obama wants to appoint to the Supreme Court, the leftist moonbat Goodwin Liu comes to mind...

Also keep in mind that there are a couple of dottering libtard fools on the Supreme Court today that might be stepping down in the near future...

If ABC knows what its talking about, an always questionable proposition at best, then look at who they consider might be on Obama's short list of candidates...