Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Out of control: salaries inside the paper-bushing bureaucracies of D.C.

Ever wonder why the federal government continually adds agencies, departments, bureaus, regulations, offices and employees -- but never sheds them? Or why government grows whether the economy is booming or flat on its back?

To illustrate the problem, consider this graph of salaries for all federal employees.

In DC, however, the salaries are considerably richer.

In the real world, of course, the distribution of salaries is considerably -- uhmmm -- flatter.

The federal government under the Social Democrat Party is out of control. In November, it's time to take the federal government back. And downsize the hell out of it. I can think of oh, about five different
departments to defund immediately.

Hat tip: Taxing Tennessee.


Anonymous said...

As a matter of comparison, in the median family income in 2007 was $50,233, not including the cost of fringe benefits.

VAGAL for Palin said...

I am behind you 100%! Those five departments would be a great start on a long list of bureaucratic money pits.

Unquiet said...

Doug, I am with you on this but to really see the picture, good or bad, don't there need to be: 1 - comparisons to private sector salaries both national and in the D.C. area* and 2 - a plot of these same graphs over time preferably going back through several Congressional/Administration changes?

* I understand the difficulty finding comparable jobs and can't really think of an effective comparison - my only guess would be large insurance companies but they have all those state by state differences.

Joseph Somsel said...

I can kill at least one agency in Sacramento!

The California Energy Commission costs us about half a billion a year and PRODUCES NO ENERGY!

It does produce nanny-state regulations by the bushel.