Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The U.S. Department of Social Justice

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The U.S. Department of Social Justice: Malkin
Kagan's Double Standard: BigGovt
NAACP Officials May Decry Racist Elements in NAACP: ConfYank

Attack of the Angry Obama: RWN
No habla Ingles? DWI laws don't apply to you!: WyBlog
Giannoulias' not-so-excellent Canadian adventures: Marathon

The October Surprise is Coming: Geller
Concede Nothing: Every Race Counts: RWN
Nice to Hear from You Again, Jesse: Moran


Scott Brown to Support Financial Reform Bill: RWN
Financial Regulatory Bill Includes Race, Gender Quotas: RWN
How to Avoid Ponzi Schemes: Consumer Affairs

Bowdlerizing Berwick: AmSpec
Niall Ferguson: A U.S. Debt Crisis Is On Its Way: TechTicker
Obama’s debt commission warns of fiscal ‘cancer’: iOTW

Climate & Energy

WaPo: Cool Off by Turning Off the AC: RWN
'Relief Funds', Hearings, Lawyers and Golf: Diogenes


How Obama Got Elected: Pundette
A Tale of Two Racists, Courtesy of The New York Times: BigJournalism
The Onion, or the Post? ‘One Nation’ Article an Exercise in Parody: PJM

More Questions About Rep. Schakowsky’s Mystery Earmark: BigGovernment
The Cook County Jail Inmate the Chicago Papers Are Working Hard to Forget: BigJournalism
Neil Abercrombie, Yet Another Covert Socialist in the Obama 'Orbit': NewZeal


Hezbollah cell rolled up in... Tijuana: AT
Baseball Game in Mexico Called on Account of Gunfire: TAB
'Do we need a War on Terror?' -- a Speech: Gould

Progressives are Communists (If you didn't know): AmPower
Darkness in Beijing: Chinese regime persecutes defenders of freedom: CityJournal
26 year old raped and murdered in Iran for violating Mullahs' dress code: BlogProf

Kofi Annan's Holocaust Problem: AT
How’s That Mathematical Friendship With Osama Bin Laden Working Out For You, Dr. Shabazz?: RedState


Intrigue Idles Soviet-Era Jet In Michigan: WSJ
Grand Central's multimillion-dollar secrets: CNet
Google makes everyone an Android developer: LinuxInsider


Like a moonwalk for adults: DPU
Slouching Toward Secularism: FirstThoughts
An Index of Posts on Self-Defense: WinterSoldier

Images: Maktoob
SOTD: Billy Bones' Freedom
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: MSDNC Poll: Do you support Arizona's tough new law on illegal immigration?

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Awww - went to take the poll:

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