Sunday, July 18, 2010

Two Photos That Illustrate the Unfettered Lunacy of the Democrat Party

Welcome to the logic of the left.

The TSA under Janet NapoliReno is busy spending hundreds of millions of the taxpayers' dollars on sophisticated full-body scanners capable of detecting weapons and explosives almost at the molecular level. Every airline passenger -- flying internationally or domestically -- will soon be subject to even more intrusive scans than the current regimen requires. No fluids. Take your shoes off. No jackets. Scan all of your bags.

And this is all hunky-dory with the left.

Yet somehow, it's controversial to demand security on our southern border as website after website documents the unchecked flow of armed illegals smuggling drugs and thousands of humans into the country each month.

Somehow that's controversial.

Idea: Mark Levin.

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