Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Slavery, Democrat-style

Is there anything worse than a person who intentionally hurts a child? Who abuses a child? Who steals from a child?

Last year in Greenville, South Carolina, a man approached a mother and daughter selling Girl Scout cookies at the Bi-Lo on West Wade Hampton Boulevard.

He asked to buy a box of lemon cookies. When the mother turned around, he grabbed their cash box -- which contained $300 -- and fled.

The suspect was described as "a white male with dirty blonde hair between the ages of 25-35, approximately 5’8 and 170 pounds, wearing blue jeans, a denim coat and a baseball hat."

The little girl -- a first year Girl Scout -- was heartbroken. The suspect was never identified.

In the spring of 2009, Idaho high school students visited Washington and carried with them a petition. The students -- fearful of massive deficit spending -- called for a balanced budget.

Democrat budgets for the foreseeable future quadruple the annual deficit: the record-setting figure for 2010 is roughly $1.9 trillion. Obama's claim about cutting the deficit in half in a few years is a fairy tail -- like "slashing prices" by 50 percent the day after you’ve doubled them.

And the administration blatantly lied, stating that tax increases would not affect 95 percent of taxpayers. New taxes on energy -- under the fraudulent "cap-and-trade" regime -- will force every business in America to raise its prices. Taxpayers will be wounded... directly and indirectly.

Democrats also used every budgeting gimmick, every payoff and bribe, every sleazy tactic possible to pass socialized medicine, a failure everywhere it's been tried -- into the Statists' plans. As for the $45 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities represented by Medicare and Medicaid? On that subject, Obama is utterly silent.

Obama and the rest of the Democrats want to tell you how much energy you can use (smart grids that can automatically shut off your air conditioner), whether you can give money to charities and which kinds of toilets you can buy.

Even ignoring his oppressive energy taxes, every dollar of Obama's new debt means that future taxes must be $1 higher in present-value terms. This translates to a discounted present-value legacy of $6.5 trillion of new, future taxes.

The tax burden each family of four can expect? $163,000. Let me repeat that: $163,000 for each and every tax-paying household in America.

Your children... my children... our grandchildren... are all slaves to the Obama budget. Because Barack Obama and his comrades in Congress are ideologues. They could care less about the economy.

They're beholden to ACORN, the SEIU, the NEA, the AFT, the ACLU and trial lawyers of every vintage and variety.

As subscribers to a failed ideology, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the radical Statists are consigning our descendants to slavery. Girl Scouts. Boy Scouts. Toddlers. Infants. The unborn.

If you don't vote in November to throw out every Democrat possible, I would simply apologize in advance to your kids for the inevitable destruction of their unchecked policies.


Brooklyn said...

Well said indeed.

The Carter Malaise, the Clinton Malfeasance, combined in one of the most absurd offerings in US History.

A complete incompetent failure of the worst kind.

Thanks Democratic Party !

Corrupt - Collectivist - Catastrophe - Punishing the USA.

Mike aka Proof said...

So, you saying that if you steal $300 from a little girl, you're a thief, but if you steal $40,750 from a little girl in a family of're a Democrat? Got it!