Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thought experiment: if 60 Minutes employed journalists

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I'm Morley Safer. They told us they needed $787 billion to fix the economy -- $2,500 for every family in America. But unemployment continues to skyrocket and many wonder: what happened to the hundreds of billions of dollars? When we investigated, we found that no one really knows. And the corruption, graft and criminality we discovered were surprising -- even for us.

I'm Steve Kroft. Barack Obama authored an amazing autobiography called Dreams from my Father. But one man has unearthed overwhelming evidence that Obama didn't actually write his own book. And the name of the real author might surprise you, he says: Bill Ayers. The domestic terrorist and one-time neighbor to the President.

And I'm Mike Wallace. The promises were grandiose. Transparency. No lobbyists in the White House. Leaving Iraq. Ending NSA wiretaps. Finding Bin Laden. Post-partisanship. But the realities have shaken even the President's most committed supporters. Now Democrats are asking: is the President a serial liar?

That and Andy Rooney, tonight. On 60 Minutes.

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JaneLovesJesus said...

i guess we can dream ...

Brooklyn said...



Everything Democratic Partisans bragged about, demeaned the former Bush Administration over, etc., has turned out to be far more disastrous in their hands.

'Smart Power' is a big joke.

Hillary once boasted how easy it would be after being named Secretary of State, to "deal" with North Korea. Today we have increased tensions to the point of threats of Nuke War. It all started to become nutty, not when NK sunk a South Korean Ship, but when the Democrats took over - having Monstrous Forces all around the World sensing the inherit weakness of the foolish Democratic Partisans. North Korea would never have dreamed of sinking any ship, with the Bush Administration still on the JOB.

Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Obama, Clinton, Boxer, etc., are all vivid examples of gross negligence, incompetence, ignorance, dishonesty, narcissism, etc.

We have to provide a serious intervention for the Democrat Denial this NOV, or the game is over.