Thursday, July 15, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Tea Party Isn't Racist; The Key to a Real Revolution

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The Tea Party Isn't Racist: Daily Beast
Grandma's Dying Wish - Vote Harry Reid Out of Office: LegalIns
A Ten-Step Reset Regimen for the President: Hanson

The Key to a Real Revolution: AT
Attn: Bart Stupak--ObamaCare Now Funding Abortion: RWN
9 states back Arizona immigration law: WashExam


Berwick: Rationing for thee, lifetime coverage for me: Pundette
Krugman creeps up on an insight: JOM
Dying Illinois Announces Another Massive Bond Offering: Insider

American Reinvestment and Recovery Act signs big business: Caller
Flashback: Taxpayer-designed porkulus signs: Malkin
Obama Sues IL County For Enforcing Immigration Law: RWN

Climate & Energy

Hold Your Nose: I Smell Cap-And-Trade: AT
Dems block amendment to ensure press access to spill: WashExam
Not all oil wells and oil companies are alike: Marathon


Not an Idea, But a Warning: GoV
Next Up in Washington, a Media Czar?: Rosett
Top Ten most Left-Biased American Journalists: #10 = Neil Steinberg, Chicago Sun-Times: RWN

Do The 13 Keys To The Presidency Mean Obama Is Destined To Be Reelected?: RWN
Black civil rights activist Michael Meyers: 'the NAACP is now a political arm of the White House': BlogProf
NAACP, Media Owe Tea Parties Major Apology: Cashill

An Uncomfortable Position: VodkaPundit
Hope and Change and the Scariest Movie Scene Ever: Grand Old Partisan
Fed loses it; publishes essay bashing econ bloggers: EPJ


A Letter to the President on Libya: NewZeal
Obama Looks Backward: at Lenin: AT
Britain's Tax Grab Backfires: Malkin

'A Nation Free of Sharia': Malkin
Khamenei Assures Iran of Victory Over Evil Enemies: GWP
Maryland nuclear reactor raises foreign ownership concerns: WashExam


Net neutrality comes back to haunt Google: FT
Should You Be Allowed to Know What’s in Your DNA?: PJM
Boeing's Hydrogen-powered Phantom Eye Preps For Ground: AviationWeek


Tee Party: SondraK
Robo-Love Experiment #1: MNR
Todaze haute couture oil spill vear wtf: SondraK

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