Friday, July 30, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: USCIS memo describes passing amnesty without legislation

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USCIS memo describes passing amnesty without legislation: GWP
Quislings Sacrifice Arizona to Goal of One-Party Rule: RWN
Leahy on PantherGate: Blame Bush, Twiddle Thumbs: Malkin

Real Sherrod Story Still Untold: Cashill
Minute 16 of her 15 minutes of fame: Sherrod sues Breitbart: RWN
Dem fires aide after 'Jewish Money' list made public: TPMDC

Obama's Mean Streak: AT
Confirmed: MI Tea Party a Hoax: BlogProf


First in the Nation Referendum on Obamacare: GWP
Organized labor is the antithesis of worker freedom: Caller
NEA removes article celebrating Mao's revolution: GWP

Sun Could Set Suddenly on Superpower as Debt Bites: RCW
Lindsey Grahamnesty Ending "Birthright" Citizenship?: Ace
"Instant Refi"? Watch The Consequences...: Denninger

Climate & Energy

Save the World, Kill a Kid: Tackett
Great news: New electric car costs only slightly more than average annual per capita income: Hot Air
IFL shreds 'Clean Energy Works' and the Gray Lady: IFL


Joy Behar receives kneepads via rush delivery for O interview: Malkin
Why the Electoral College Matters: AT
Bloggers: Link This Post Today and Win 4 Days In NY, a $3,000 Shopping Spree, and a Meeting With Bill O’Reilly: RWN

The Essay Read Round the World: Belmont
ACORN Whistleblower Anita MonCrief’s New Venture: RWN
Keith Olbermann Spends Vacation Talking To His Fans On Twitter: NewsBusters


The Nakba Obsession: Stern
Rasmussen: Support For Border Fence Up To 68%: Ace
Jackassery On Display (Frank/Dodd): Denninger


Bunker-busting ATM attacks show security holes: Yahoo!
Saving Suborbital: Will Congress Kill NASA's Reusable Space Program?: PJM
My iPad Makes Me An Elitist And I’m Proud Of It…Wait: RWN


Keep on Truckin': iOTW
A Modern Fable: Sargen
Top Ten Things Women Can Do (That Men Can't): Ranker (NSFW)

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