Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Der Joürnolist: The Media Scorecard

All you need to know about Der Joürnolist can be gleaned from Dougie's exclusive Scorecard. Here's who you can trust -- and who you can't. Here are the folks reporting -- and not reporting -- on Der Joürnolist Scandal:

• ABC: None
• American Thinker: Forget the Whistleblowers! WaPo Management Owns the Journolist
• Bloomberg: None
• CBS: Debunking the Journolist “Conspiracy” (Chait)
• CNN: None
• Fox: Report: Journalists Debated Whether Government Should Shut Down Fox News
• Investors Business Daily: The Smoking Gun For Media Bias
• MSNBC: None
• NBC: None
• New York Post: Steering the Press
• New York Times: None
• NPR: None
• Washington Examiner: First came Climategate, now it’s JournoList; Who’s next for an email scandal?
• Washington Post: Nothing to See Here, Just Move Along Folks (Klein)
• Washington Times: Inside the Beltway

I have a suspicion that Tucker Carlson's biggest revelations are yet to come.

In which case, readers of the Wrinkled Gray Lady and viewers of NBC will find themselves shocked when their favorite commentators are suddenly and unexpectedly forced to resign.

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