Thursday, July 29, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: S.B. 1070's Stay of Execution

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S.B. 1070's Stay of Execution: RedState
Helplessness and Anarchy: LegalIns
Our Divisive President: Caddell & Schoen

What Judge Bolton’s Injunction Doesn’t Say: Corner
Bought and Paid For Gov. Finds Doing Right Thing Hard: RWN
Is The DOJ Trying To Marginalize Military Votes?: GWP


New Calculator Shows Your 2011 Tax Hike: Foundry
Know which way the wind blows: Maggie's Farm
Minnesota's Spending Spree, Funded by Stimulus Bonds: BigGovt

SEC: No More Transparency For Me: RWN
White House: Stimuluate Economy With More Cheap Housing: Insider
Fighting High Insurance Rates Akin to Civil Rights Battle: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

The Sound of Settled Science (Plop): SDA
Carbon Cronyism: Why Cap-and-Trade Is Not Dead Yet: AT
Impact of Oil Moratorium on Citizens of Louisiana: RWN


Political operatives on Journolist worked to shape news coverage: Caller
Brent Bozell's Open Letter to the Washington Post: 20 Questions About the JournoList: PolDaily
Journolist Veers Out of Bounds: Simon

Pro Obama "JournoLista" Outed - New "Can of Worms" Opened : NewZeal
Obama's Choice: 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts, or Joy Behar?: Adams
MSNBC's Barnicle thinks 'The View' hostettes will pose tough questions of Obama: NewsBusters

Chart: Proof America Is A Center-Right Nation: RWN
Come November, Remember Yesterday’s ‘Temporary Restraining Order’ in Arizona: PJM
The Unhealthy Motivations of Liberals: AT


British PM Cameron: Gaza is 'a Prison Camp': GWP
Khmer Rouge’s Duch Gets 10.4 Hours per Murder: RWN
New Jersey's Marital Rape: Crime or Religious Rite?: Chesler

Another Day At The Office, or a Watershed Moment?: NiceDeb
France to shut illegal Roma camps and deport migrants: BBC
The 'Hijra' in Tibet: AT


Embracing the Web: Matt Zimmerman
Why people 'jailbreak' their phones: CNN
Obama Launches – Runs Through a Quick Demo! : TNerd


Bird Dog's Vacation: Maggie's Farm
Strategic Command: iOTW
To Do List: Change Your World: ExecuNet

Images: The Sound of Settled Science (Plop)
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