Friday, July 16, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: ''Tea Party Racists' -- Think Progress Caught Red-Handed

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'Tea Party Racists': Think Progress Caught Red-Handed: ConfYank
Black Tea Partiers Rebut NAACP: Politico
NAACP Tries to Weasel Out of Racist Allegations: GWP

DOJ Colleagues Confirm Whistleblower Adams' Accusations: PJM
Surprise! States Receive Tax Money for Abortions: RWN
Bagman for Obama and Clinton Gets a Dozen in the Big House: JWF


The Dodd-Frank Monstrosity Passes 60-39: Malkin
Obama's Call for 'Economic Justice': AT
Poverty-stricken Bell, CA's bloated municipal budget: AmPower

No Problems With Union Nap Time: RWN
The CBO Warns the Nation: Anyone Listening?: AT
Obama Saves, Creates Korean Jobs With Stimulus: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

ClimateGate and the Big Lie: Ace
The 'Well Integrity Test' Is a Sham: Zero Hedge
84 days later, BP says it stopped the spill: GWP


Democrats Turn Their Attention to Control of the Media: AT
Does anyone even read NY Times editorials?: WashExam
Cherry-Picked Constitutionality: AT

Senator Specter's Votes: Patterico
Tucker Carlson to Strap-On: We Own You!: Insider
A Phone Call from the Associated Press: AT

CNN Doofus Argues with Black Tea Party Member: Civil War is 'Modern History': NewsBusters
Specter: I'd Like To Keep Sucking At The Public Teat Please: Ace
Andrea Mitchell: House Democrats' Spat With Gibbs is 'Unfortunate': NewsBusters


Janet Napolitano offers to help put stop to illegal border crossings — in Saudi Arabia: WorldTrib
New START and Obama’s Mysterious Trip to Russia: AIM
'Civil Rights' Lawyer Lynne Stewart Receives New 10-Year Sentence: NY1

Tentacles of Hate Reach Philadelphia: AT
Fired Ohio Homeland Security Official Alomari Secretly Worked in Jordanian Government: Jawa
Breaking: Leftist Hero Hugo Chavez Jails Opposition Leader On Bogus Explosives Charges: GWP


The New York Times Goes Nuts, Says The Government Should Regulate Google's Search Algorithm: Insider
Inception Is Brilliant and Baffling: PJM
What we know about the iPhone 4's antenna: CNet


Nice Wine Rack!: JWF
The Case For and Against College: Denninger
Oh, My: Mel Gibson's Latest Tape Kinda Just Gets Worse and Worse Even Without Racial Slurs: Ace

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