Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Documents show media plotting to kill stories about 'Reverend' Jeremiah Wright

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Liberty or Tyranny?: PJM (Solway)
Excusing the Oakland Rioters: MacDonald
Racist Mexican Group Harrasses Tea Party as 'Too White': GWP

Breitbart slaps down NAACP for racism: Hot Air
How many GOP Senators will oppose Kagan?: JIP
Strange Graham-Kagan dance: Times


Auditor: Obama killed tens of thousands of jobs with DealerGate: Hot Air
USDA Official Resigns After ‘White Farmer’ Video: Malkin
Massachusetts Offers Preview of Obamacare: Samuelson

The Time for Evasion is Over: Kristol
Coming Soon, The $1 Million Per Year Public 'Servant': Ace
More Union Thuggery in California: BlogProf

Berwick wasting no time spending taxpayer dollars: AmSpec
ObamaCare Mythology: One Man's Life is Another Man's Loss: AT
Poof! Obama sends Berwick Nomination to Senate: Nice Deb

Climate & Energy

Forget It, Envirowackos, We’re Not Giving Up Air Conditioning: RWN
Panel Which Exonerated Phil Jones' CRU Relied Upon One Man...: Ace
The Video President Obama Doesn’t Want You To See: RWN


Documents show media plotting to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Caller
Republican Candidates Wise Up – Dodge State-Run Media Interviews: GWP
The National Disgrace of Texas: Hindenblog

CNN Guest: Black Tea Partiers Like Jewish Guards in Concentration Camps: NewsBusters
Busted: Think Progress caught manufacturing another Tea Party 'racism' story: GWP
Serious Human Beings: Doc Zero

Know What’s Awesome? Being Unemployed!: RWN
Misunderestimating Americans: SondraK


Frequent Muslim Speaker to Kids in New York Schools Supports Hamas, Hezbollah: PJM
Obama Again Predicts Direct Israel-Palestinian Talks, Is He Wrong Again?: BRubin
Stoning Exposes Barbarism of Islamic Law: London Free Press

Silent Jews, Again: When Will Leftists Realize That Unbelief Is A Belief?: RWN
Feds Hand $28 Million to Kenya Proxies Fighting for Pro-Abortion Constitution: LifeSiteNews


73,000 Blogs Shut Down by Whom and Why?: Moonbattery
AntennaGate and the Future of Apple: PJM
New Technology has Creators Floating On Air: Fox


The Awesomest Thing You'll Probably See Tonight: Ace
'We believed in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have fun- together': SondraK
Abu Dhabi gets ready to open Ferrari World: Maktoob

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