Sunday, July 18, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Most Racial President; Progressivism and the Dissolution of Boundaries

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The Most Racial President: WashExam
A Dangerous Disaffection: Power Line
Countrywide: Congress for Sale: Post

Angle Goes for Reid's 'Green' Jugular: NewsBusters
Sharron Angle: the Tea Party's Patton of the West?: Tapscott
Progressivism and the Dissolution of Boundaries: AT


Berwick will decide how much your life is worth: PJM
Big Labor Plays with Fire -- Taxpayers Get Burned: WashExam
AFL-CIO's 'Firewall' Strategy to Prevent 'Speaker' Boehner: PuffHo

Zuckerman: Obamanomics “our economic Katrina”: Hot Air
Taxing tanning beds…for racial justice: RWN
Financial Disaster Awaits in 'Reform' Bill: WashExam

Climate & Energy

Obama Takes Credit For Oil Cap: RWN
NYT: Steven Chu Frustrated Cleanup Efforts: AT
Obama’s Dog Flies to Vacation on Separate Jet: Malkin


Through a Gimlet Eye: Studying the Washington Post, Kremlinologist-Style: RWN
Benevolent Billboards Pop Up, Marketing 'Right to Die': AT
Photos: South Orange County Patriots Rally for Arizona: AmPower

Andrew Breitbart to NAACP’s Ben Jealous: “Go to Hell!”: Giles
Fighting for Free Speech in Detroit: Geller
WaPo's Milloy: White People Are All Racist Exploiters: GWP


Riots in Dudley: 'People are walking past covered in blood': GoV
.........Cordoba.........: Crittenden
Presbyterian Youths Riot in France: JWF

Unilateral Disarmament: North
Iranians Still Killing American Soldiers in Iraq: PJM
Russian spy ring was no joke, but still treated that way: WashExam

Iranian Refugees - A Human Rights Disaster: AT


Army tests HULC robotic exoskeleton: CNet
RIM co-CEOs pull no punches responding to Apple's antenna statements: Engadget
Doctors Make Magnetic Mask For Trauma Victim: iOTW


I Will Survive: iOTW
Doswell Man Still “Seriously Considering” Standing in Hurricane Booth at VCC Mall: NFD
5% Rule and Social Security: Denny (Language Warning)

Image: RedPlanetCartoons
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